Day Four…Film Set and more.

We visited Koryowood Studios…well the North Korean Film Studio where I guess they produce 12 films a year.  We walked around the sets in a village for making Japanese, or French theme films and propaganda.  The highlight is when that let some of our group dress in costumes and parade around for a photo shoot.  It was a nice morning start.

       The tour continued to the Main Library which I thought a big joke.  Lots of stairways and marble but few books.  People had to research the book they wanted and they request it from one lady who sent the request via computer to the back room where  the books were stored.  Then the book came on a conveyor belt while the person waited for it.  It you didn’t like it…tough.  They claimed a lot of important people came there to do research .  10000 a day but I doubt that many come in a week.  They give  lectures and have professors to consult with.  30% of the books are in different languages so they encourge students to learn another language.  I did meet a Korean lady at a commercial book stall where a show was being held.  She had two years of French and had lived in France and took language lesson there.

        Then there was a mandatory stop at a war Memorial.

        We then had the best lunch of the tour so far.  We went to a Hot Pot restaurant and made our own soup with different vegetables, eggs, noodles, rice, pork, seasoning etc.  Everyone enjoyed that.

        Then there was a walk in the park  It was nice to get outside for a walk and fresh air. The park was beautiful and refreshing.  We then went to the Metro or their subway.  It was deep down …deep deep down like Budapest…so they can use it for a bomb shelter.  It didn’t go a long ways and only had two lines but was smooth and worked. We rode it to the end of the line where I driver was waiting to pick us up.


      Next was a school for dance, music, art and singing.  These were young students and fairly accomplished for their age.  We listened to the practice sessions in dance, guitar, and piano.  Then they put on a brief concert for us that was entertaining.  They also had Kung Fu lessons for the boys.

         It was finally time for dinner and we did another BBQ but this one was good.  We all enjoyed it and was anxious to return home when  someone suggested we go to the fun park.  I was not happy about that but when we arrived it was a special day and the soldiers had it with their families.

 So we all returned and got drunk at the bar.  That was my first time and the bar has a micro brewery so I did want to try the beer…or beers .  Dave, from Silicon Valley brought a bottle of Oban 14 year old Scotch which we promptly finished . Then Hilda from Denver pulled out a bottle of Johnny Walker Black Label …I left for bed.  Jerry was still up so we chatted until the wee hours.

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