Day Three…DMZ

      The Mass Games do not allow food or beverages into the stadium.  The benefit was that David was so tired upon returning he took his Meds and retired for the night.  He only woke once to go the bathroom and got a good night’s sleep.  Our wake up call came at 6:30 and Jerry was already showering.  David followed suit and we left our laundry for the maid to take care of and arrived at Breakfast early.Two eggs over light with toast, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, apples and yogurt all with a cup of Nescafe and David was back upstairs to retrieve his jacket for the trip to the DMZ.
       He was the only person on the elevator and pressed 31.  When the elevator stopped he sauntered down the hall to his room and entered his card.  RED light. Must be a mistake?  RED light. RED light!  Then he noticed the room was 23-08 NOT 31-08.  Every floor is laid out the same and someone on the 23rd floor had pressed the button for the elevator but when David’s stopped there, they were gone and he thought he was on his floor.  Now it was taking forever to get the elevator again.  While waited, a Chinese couple came with there bags and were checking out.  They kept staring at David as if to say…why are you in North Korea.  David greeted them and they looked at his name tag and said David Taylor.  I reached out my hand and introduced myself from Phoenix Arizona.  They were from Hong Kong and I told them about cancelling my plans to visit HK. They abmonished me and said I must visit.  Very nice and well healed couple as are
 most of the people in this hotel .

Early mist as people walk to work…not many bikes or cars…lots of walking

Only traffic was an occasional truck or military vehicle.

Commercialism is on both sides of the border.  This DMZ thing is a lot of show. 

We are Koreans on the Right


You are the American bastards on the left.

Truce Agreement

Joint Security Area…all show.

      David reached his room , double checked his list and was off to the DMZ with a fully charged battery but a photo card that was now 3/4 th full.  Jerry said he had lots more if I needed one.  Something to be said for roommates.
          We stopped for a break along the 2 hour drive.  Continuing along we arrived at the DMZ for an orientation and a lecture. We then went to Panmunjom where the truce accord was drawn up in 1953 ended the war.

          We were then escorted to the Joint Security Area where both North and South Korean soldiers watch over the border.  The US used to work with the South Koreans but pulled out in 1993.  We were shown around and took some photos while a South Korean helicopter hovered overhead watching our every move.

       Kaesong is the local village where we stopped to have lunch before going to the Koryo Museum, the Tomb of King Konmin  and then an beautiful return trip through the countryside.

We arrived in Pyongyang around 6:30 so went right to dinner at a Korean BBQ.  They had no ventilation just open windows.  It was rustic to say the least and no comparison to the BBQ I had with David Holden in Seoul.  We did have entertainment and lots of it.  An accordion player accompanied four singers on a Karaoke machine along with a chorus of young Korean girls that sang along and danced.  Eventually everyone got up and danced ,..except me.  It went on for at least an half hour before we packed it in for the night.  

      When I arrived back at the room, our laundry was all laid out for us nice and neatly folded.  It cost a couple dollars and was a nice service.  Jerry popped in and out while I took a shower and poured a drink.  I suspect the group is having a party at the bar since we get to sleep in until 7am and don’t leave until 9am tomorrow.

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