Day 2

         I have enjoyed all the tour group. Especially Skip Nieman, alias Charles Taylor from Ottawa…an almost deaf, Scotsman, who knew all about my Scottish heritage and has a lot of my background.  We thinks we are related in someway.  We are both descendants of the Cameron Klan in Scotland.  Grandparents or Great Grandparents came over from Scotland into Canada. He has all the charts and info. He lived within 75miles of where I grew up.
      Skip, his nickname, is on his 93rd country.  He just came from Mongolia and is an independent traveler like me….and deaf like me.   We hit it off well .  Everyone so far,  has been wonderful except the chatterbox and she is even nice…just a tad annoying at times.

       .We had a wake up call at 7am and other than going to the bathroom 4 times during the night I slept well.  Every foreign visitor in the hotel was in line for the buffet.  They had to check us into the dining room with our room numbers then we grabbed a plate and went to the buffet that resembled last nights dinner buffet.  I passed on most of that then found an Omelette line which was the longest.  I got a one egg omelet then found some toast with jam and butter.  I noticed fresh homemade yogurt and a line for tea or coffee.  The lady grimaced when I requested coffee.  It was Nescafe in a cup and add hot water. I grimaced back. We finished up and was off for the day.

Dead Father and Son 
Ms Kim

Hail to the Chiefs

North Korea’s Version of Tin’inmen Square
Lovely Park
View from the Top

I really have to check my photos and our itinerary to tell you where we went.  The day was jammed with Monuments, Mount Ryonggak , Moranbong scenic park, visiting the statue of the Dead President and his Father the original President in Kim Il Sung Square.  There we presented flowers than all bowed with thousands waiting behind us to do the same.   This was the 100 Anniversary of the founders birth. National day. We visited the Foreign Language Bookstore,  souviener shops, flower shops, lunch, touring the city sites, the Taedong river, Juche Tower with a view of the city, on and on until toward the end they gave us a choice .  Do you want to go bowling or return to the hotel .  I choose the latter and was in bed at 4pm for a nap until I got a call to confirm that I was booked for the Mass Games that evening and that dinner was at 6:30 in the Chinese restaurant with the bus departing for the Mass Games at 7:10

Large Crowds to pay respect on National Day
        It was 5:30 so I got a bit of a nap and decided to go to the lobby and read a little.  Our room was not well lit for reading.  I went to the bar and ordered coffee ….or NesCafe.  While reading I was also listening to TV at full volume.  The employees were watching all the propaganda on what was National Day…today…celebrated the 100 Anniversary of the Grandfather’s of the President and the first President of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.  It refers to their Independence in 1948 also.    Since he died his son took over and just recently the son died in December and his son took over.  So tonight would be a big cel I couldn’t read and it was time for dinner.  We left for the Mass Games right after and I went with Skip..I think he is one of my relatives.  

       We sat next to a couple of visitors from Holland.  They saw the performance 3 times.  100,000 people performing 100 consecutive nights!  The choreographing, dress rehearsals, training, and coordinating everything…it is amazing. The time went fast and we were all enthralled with this huge gigantic show.  It was easy to exit and after boarding the bus we arrived back at the hotel by 10pm. It is hard  believe we saw all this and more in one day.  Day Three coming up

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