Wandering Washington

The last few days we wandered around with different indoor/outdoor activities depending on then hot weather.  We took city tours, tours of Arlington National Cemetery, The Basilica, Smithsonian museums, National Sculpture Garden, Portrait Gallery, and  Monuments to include the Vietnam Memorial, Jefferson, Washington and Lincoln.

There was the Museum of Natural History where David asked the guard how much was the Hope diamond valued at?  He replied the last time it was estimated at 80 Million dollars but now they estimated it’s value to be invaluable.

The sculpture gardens were very nice and a nice walk.  Some of the Monuments were visible from this area as is the White House.

Most of one Day was taken up touring the City on a Get On-Off Bus.  David got the bus for two days.  The first was mostly visiting the Memorials.

Then to see the White House and the Visitors Center near by.

 Then came Arlington and the Tomb of the Unknown soldier and a few that are known.

The Arlington visit ended with a short stop at General Lee’s home.  When the Civil war was over, his home, plantation, and property was confiscated and the land was consecrated into Arlington National Cemetery so it would never be farmed again. The view of Washington from the house is beautiful.  We ended the day with a big lunch in Chinatown where all the noodles are made fresh daily…and Happy Hour back at Logan Circle.

The final day we took a bus to Georgetown after visiting the National Shrine. A Basilica at the Catholic University.  The largest church in North America.

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