United States Capitol

It was pouring!

Is this going to break my wallet..where is my wallet??

It had been 36 years since David’s last visit to the capitol and he had a long list of things to do. Hayden had oriented him well.  He felt like he knew the layout and could easily get around.  So much to see and do.  His neighborhood was convenient, reasonably prices and comfortable friendly businesses with lots of variety to choose from.  They started at  Stoney’s Pizza…famous for it’s sauce.  They worked their way around the neighborhood Happy Hour’s over the course of the week.  The Commissary stands out and next door another outdoor garden type restaurant with grass fed burger meat and truffle oil popcorn. One evening they got caught in a rain storm and ended up at Pizzolis Pizza for over an hour.  It was crowded with a family that took up all the seats, three black teens, and us.  We stood around watching the downpour until our desire to be in a warm bed drove us into the rain and back to the Hostel…soaked.  Now we carry the umbrella but no rain.

So which way was home?

Big Goddess…little goddess.

The orientation was followed up the next day with a tour of the Capitol Building along with a visit to our Senator’s office for admission tickets to the House of Representatives and the Senate gallery so we could study the inner workings of politics as it unfolded.  Our guide turned out to be the highlight of the day.  He spoke 42 languages and was a retired economic adviser to Reagan.  The man was  a wealth of knowledge about everything including Phoenix Arizona.  The Congress was a bore and broke for lunch when we arrived after spending over an hour in line.  We skipped the Senate.

The Dome

The Rotunda?

The Library of Congress had been recommended by everyone and for good reason.  It was one of the most beautiful buildings in the world.  David couldn’t get inside unless you had a special pass as an archivist, researcher, or some notable person.  Visitors were allowed to roam the entrance area and view the interior from the balcony.

David was thirsty so he and Chris opted for a wee Pint of Guiness at the Dubliner, a favorite Irish Pub near Union Station.

Add caption

Then came the Ford Theater.  First you visited the museum in the basement then the original Theater where Lincoln was assassinated by John Booth.

The house across the street was another wait to see the bed he died in….we passed and returned to the Hostel.   Then had Lamb burgers at the Veranda next door. It had been three days now since our arrival.

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