Departing DC – Visit with Friends

David checked out of Washington and heading south on the George Washington Parkway to…you guessed it…George Washington’s house Mount Vernon.  A 9 am arrival allowed them to tour the house and grounds before the heat and the crowds.

The plans were to spend the next two nights at Bob and Eileen’s home in Mt Airy, Maryland. We arrived around 4-5 pm .  Bob and David went to High School together and David used to deliver newspaper to his family home near the Attica Prison where Bob’s father was a Guard.

Bob and Eileen welcomed us with a nice light dinner and catch up conversation.  They were made comfortable and retired early to rise to another nice meal before heading out to Fredrick  and Harper’s Ferry for the day.  The following day was spent at Gettysburg National Park.  That evening they all went out for a Delicious dinner at the local Tavern and prepared to leave for White Tail Naturist Resort in Ivor Virginia. 

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