Our personal Guide arrived at 11am for a day of sightseeing and orientation in Washington D.C.  David had made arrangements with a SERVAS Host named Hayden to spend a day showing us his Washington.  Hayden was educated in the history, preservation, architecture, and politics of Washington.  He was active in the preservation of old buildings and neighborhoods around Washington.  Hayden had a government pass that gave him clearance to enter the National Archives and Library of Congress for the purpose of researching historical documents.

There was a problem though.  The Hostel assured me I had parking in the rear for the time I was there but today the painter’s were coming to paint lines in the parking area and David would have to find another place to park for the day.  David drove around the neighborhood trying to find any spaces on the street but if there were, they were only good for 2 hours and he would be gone the day.  Hayden suggested we drive to Union Station, park there for the day and then return after to re park the car.  We all left in the car but on the way Hayden noted an area we were passing through is one he is working on preserving and wondered if we could stop so he could take a few pictures while explaining to David the history of the neighborhood and why it should be preserved.  Hayden just walked along snapping photos with his Panama Hat on and his nonchalant air while artists were busy adding more to their creations…which if restored, would all be removed.

Hayden looking for Chris…Chris looking for her camera.

            We parked at Union Station , bought passes on the Metro for the week, got maps and took the Metro to the National Portrait Gallery where two SERVAS travelers from Lima , Peru were waiting to join us.  None of us had met until then.  Hayden was a wealth of knowledge and explained the map of DC , all the sites and how to access them, and what he recommended for places to visit , eat, etc.  David was tiring around 5 pm when we all bid good-bye and for $22 he returned his car to the now painted parking lot.

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