The driving was slow and only during the day.  His companion for the trip was a companion not a driver.  They stopped in Nashville for a break and visited The Hermitage, Andrew Jackson’s home.  Then the Parthenon that was build at the end of the 19th Century in Nashville for a Centennial Celebration.  The building was falling apart in 1933 so rather than tear it down, it was rebuilt in Concrete and is a major attraction in a beautiful park in downtown Nashville.
          They arrived at Jeff’s home to a warm welcome.  Jeff showed us his beautiful home and set up his office for us to stay in for the next two days.  We did take a tour of downtown Ashville prior to stopping at the house so were ready to relax and set up home for more than a night.  He left to give a concert with a group he plays with in downtown Ashville.  Jeff is an accomplished musician and traveler.  He studied Flamingo with a famous Bass player that plays in the Buenos Aires Orchestra and moved to Ashville from LA over 30 years ago.
        The next day we joined a tour at the Biltmore Estates at 9 am and spent the day wandering the house, gardens, and winery.  Very impressive and beautiful area in the Blue Ridge / Smokey Mountains.  That evening we invited Jeff out to dinner.  He suggested a Restaurant that I already had an interest in.  Pretty Girl’s or something like that.  Ashville is a well preserved town full of interesting Restaurants, Parks, Shops and People.  Our dinner was great and after, Jeff gave us his tour of Ashville, ending at the French Broad, a Chocolate , Wine, and Coffee shop that is truly unique and well worth waited in the line of people that is always there.
        Jeff, a few years younger than me, was a very nice host and fun to share with.  He is very interested in all music, has a small web site for that, and enjoys life.  He bid Chris and I good-bye the next morning.  We left on the Blue Mountain Parkway and enjoyed the vistas all the way to Monticello, near Charlottsville Virginia.

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