2012 Travels

2012 Found David sitting at home honing his skills on the Golf Course and at the Poker Table.  No great strides were made but it was a relaxing winter.  Summer arrived the Travel Itch along with it.  A road trip around the Northeast was planned and arrangements were made to stay at Bill’s in Attica.  David was told the car was available and his Mother’s room was always there for him to use as a home base.  Apparently, after buying the round trip ticket to Buffalo where Bill was to pick him up, that was not the case.   Two weeks before departure, he was informed that his trip entailed too much liability and the car offer was withheld.  Not to matter that David gave Bill the car and the house free.  David was informed he was a man and should step up to the plate and pay $1400 for a rent a car.  David cancelled the trip and took his own car along with long time friend Chris.  They departed on the 3rd of July, the Southern route toward his first stop in Ashville, N.C. to visit the Biltmore Estates and stay with a Couch Surfer resident named Jeff.

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