The End with Reflections


Sunday was the last day of the Parada so I arrived early because of the threat of rain.  I managed to take some photos and return without rain.

Hank and David

Rice and Curry

Last night Hank joined us for Curried Lamb and Rice. He was Theo’s lover and friend.  Theo was one of the Doctors who administered euthanasia to David Lavington, my artist friend that was dying from Aides. Theo also would deliver scripts to Jeannette’s mailbox for me when I got sick. I knew them through Jeannette and had been to their home on occasion.  Theo’s passed away last year.  We had a nice visit and shared our love of Thailand.

The following day, I  had lunch at Espirt in Downtown Amsterdam. I ran in to the restaurant to escape a Jarakartan man trying to put the make on me.  He followed me as I got off the bus and kept saying how good looking a man I am while givng me his phone number.  As I was asking for the check after being there an hour sipping my Cafe and reading…I look up and there he was waving to me from outside the window.  Back Door?  No! He was gone when I left , I was tired and returned for a nap.

That evening I took some photos down by the river of boaters before returning to dinner and bed. We had Boar Casserole with Sauerkraut.

I’m tired of just sitting around this week when I’ve done what I want. I now want to be home. If I was home I could find lots to do but here I can’t just open the newspaper and see what is going on.   I decided to start taking day trips to Harlem, Utrech, and someplace I’ve never been.  Also I’m exploring Amsterdam.  There are some parts in the North of Amsterdam that you have to take a ferry to.  Fishing villages you can have lunch and return the same day. Jeannette called Ronald who used to work outside of Amsterdam and commute by boat everyday.  He suggested I take an afternoon and have lunch by the water.  They talked…or Jeannette did for over an hour non stop.  I could never do that on the phone.

So…what’s it all about David?  Peter and  Jeanette’s genuine love, loyalty, acceptance, friendship, sharing,…Orhan and  his artistic bent with a willingness to share.  You ride with this man on his motorcycle through the streets of Istanbul.   Mike, your poker playing friend and his Muslim family wedding with you sitting at one of the honored tables and 500 guests in attendance.  The Romanian Interpol Policeman Dumitru’s offer and resulting tour of Timisoara.   Albania in a stationwagon across 30 miles of dirt road with Mike and his Son exploring Shkoder on a hot Sunday afternoon.  The Aussie in Skopje riding his newly purchased used motorbike across the Balkans from Lebanon.    The Pharmacist in Podgorica from Ohrid Macedonia.  Varna the Bulgarian seaside village on the Black Sea. The first impression of Belgrade on arrival then the second on departure. Bucharest’s old city.  Mostar, Bosnia being picked up by the mother of the Hostel’s owner then her sharing her grandson’s birthday cake with you. The shopkeeper that gave me a bottle of  Bosnia’s national drink.  Pristina’s Grand Hotel and the complimentary lemonade and the Bates’ Hotel Hostel on the hill. Split’s seaside and the strange hostel… Walking the wall surrounding Dubrovnik’s old city and the bitch who owned the Hostel. Living in the old city of Kotor and the wonderful Hostel lady. Zagreb and Joline from Australia at our wonderful Hostel. Sophia’s Free Tour and the guide. Plodiv’s tour up steep cobblestone streets. The cold that infected me within the first week and only ended the 7th week and tons of medicine later. I managed three books and a few magazines. The Montmarte’s Hostel treating me like a King.  Istanbul they didn’t charge me to do my laundry…Seemed like it was a year of travel.

Last Meal

Dessert @ Jeannette’s

Airport Lounge

The last few days were mostly overcast and rain with little sun. I still walked around this lovely city and never tire of it’s surprises and beauty. My last night Jeannette made another of her great meals. A delicious Stir Fry Chinese dish. The Amsterdam Schipol International Airport is one of the best. I made my flight and am back home but my chocolate is in Jeannette’s refrigerator!  Good to be back and welcomed by both Marjorie and Bruce…I’m so spoiled.

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