Zagreb to Split via the Train

David greeted Joline at Breakfast and plied her for information about Split and the area she visited that he was off to. She was very helpful and David decided to cut his visit in Split from 6 to 4 days in order to spend the coming weekend in Sophia with SERVAS hosts who were waiting for him. David gave her the info on school in Spain and they agreed to stay in touch.

David arrived at the Train Station early.  He checked with Information to make sure he had the right Track and location.  When he boarded Car number 2 and went to his seat 56, it was occupied by an elderly lady, her husband next to her and what appeared to be their two grandchildren.  David sat across from them and waited until someone kicked him out of his seat that was assigned to them.  After inquiring confronting the older gentleman and showing him my ticket, he kept saying Zwei which I knew to be two and I kept saying yes…this is car Zwei and you are in my seat.  I went to the train conductor who pointed out that Zwei was the NEXT car down.  I ran back to apologize and we all had a laugh while I found Seat 56 in Zwei.  I was sitting next to an elderly lady with her two grandchildren across from me. One was one of those 9 foot tall Croatians with legs longer than mine.  The train took off but after an hour we were constantly falling asleep then kicking each other awake by accident.  I finally went to the WC to discover the train was half empty so returned to let them know I would move and we could all relax.   

It was a beautiful day. Croatia was beautiful, pristine, clear and very fresh air. Beautiful views reminded him of upstate New York with the rolling hills , farmland and small villages. 

Six hours later the train pulled into the port of Split and David found the bus to the Hostel Eros. He noted the Eros doorbell was the top floor of the three story building and the door was open so he rang the bell and started up the stairs. Halfway he heard someone yelling Hallo…Hallo…he couldn’t tell if it was coming from up or down so he yelled Hallo,…Hallo…and they replied …Hallo…by this time he is on the top floor and sees bedrooms but no Office…the office was on the first floor. He lugged the luggage back down three flights to meet this lady whose only English was Mary is sleep…she sleep. My sister show you room. Her sister spoke nothing…really NOTHING. I followed her outside and down this alley in construction then down a hall to the end and into this huge room with a balcony and view of the water in the distance.

 I locked up and went to get something to eat. Split is like Belgrade with the steep hills leading down to the water. I was in better shape for this than I was when I arrived in Belgrade so ventured off on a Sunday evening to find a place to eat. There was a bar so I took that as a start and had a couple of drinks while checking out the neighborhood. The waitress directed me to a fast food place and an ATM. I got some money then a sausage sandwich with onions and pickles then returned to find Mary waiting for her money. I told her I was only staying 4 instead of 6 nights and she wanted $200 EUROS when I showed her my booking for 6 nights was only $240 and 200 Euros was $325 for 4 nights. She looked at the booking and realized I was not in Eros Hostel…that was back up stairs where I originally came from and was her nephews Hostel not hers. I moved back out and still ended with a large room with a balcony and a fan! This cost me $160 for 4 days. I got the Internet password over a speaker phone when her sister woke her son , Golon , up to find out. Now it’s 11 pm at night and I haven’t finished my sandwich …so will say goodbye and sit on my balcony and meditate on my day while planning my tomorrow.

     I finally got to bed around Midnight only to wake with a sore throat.  I had a runny nose but didn’t think too much of it.  Not I was getting stuffy and my throat was sore.  I took some cough drops when I woke and after not being able to find anyone to pay for the 4 nights, I went into town.

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