Spectacular Split

The buses were every 20 minutes all day.  The Market was a first stop near the Center. Walking through the Market and entering the Gate to the Old City was like going back to Roman times when the City was built and occupied by the Romans around 300 AD.  The City Museum was interesting but the best was that the City faced the Port so when you came out the other Gate, the bay was waiting.  It was a beautiful , sunny day and everyone was out.  I wanted to visit the beaches instead of the Marina and the docks but needed to get the ferry schedule and decide what I was going to do.  Tourist Info was very helpful by explaining my options.  I decided this day would be spent visiting Split, checking the ferry schedules, bus and train options also.  There are no trains to Sarajevo and the bus takes all day so my plans of making it to Sophie for this coming weekend were slim.  I decided to go to Mostar , Bosnia instead then on to Dubrovnik or just pass through with an afternoon stop .  I would spend more time seeing Montenegro around the coast before visiting Mike in Tuzi , Montenegro.  Hopefully during my time visiting him, we could drive to Kosovo and Albania.    

David trying to bum a boat ride in Split

I emailed my SERVAS people that were expecting me this weekend to inform them that Sophie , Bulgaria may have to wait till later in the trip or next year.  They were disappointed as they had plans for me and explained that later in my trip, they would be in Paris. Oh well, can’t see everything.  Joline had told me that Sophie was special though so I still want to try it but don’t want to spend all my vacation in a bus .

I found a Launderette and returned to take another shower and pickup my laundry to drop of for cleaning.  They could have it ready in 2 hours but I left it to pick up in 2 days then had a steak dinner next door.  The waterfront and old city was mobbed with people out in the evening air having a good time.  I returned home to find no one.  I wrote the Hostelworld booker to complain and explain I was not going to pay extra for cancelling or changing this booking.  I  can’t even find the people to pay them!

I took some Tylenol Cold Caps and went to bed hoping this would not get worse than it already had.  It did.  I hit a brick wall this morning and never rose to visit the Island of Hvara until 10am.  It was raining out so a good day to stay in bed.  I was too sick to do any traveling but needed food so took the bus to town, picked up my laundry and tried a hamburger made from fresh Croatian meat on premise with a homemade roll.  I almost threw it up.  

Help Me?

I stopped to visit the morning Fish Market then returned to the room. I had emailed HostalWorld where I booked to inform them that I haven’t seen a sole since I checked in and wanted to pay them and insure they knew I was leaving early.  HostelWorld had tried to call the owner and did send an email but nothing.  I rang and rang the bell until the owner’s brother , another 9 foot Croatian answered the door half a asleep.  I threw my money down and informed him I was leaving in two more days. He started getting on the speaker phone and mumbling something in Croatian and I told him I was sick and going to bed.  A half hour I hear my bell ring and open to find Goran, the owner and 9 foot Croatian asking if everything was OK?  He understood, accepted the money , apologized and offered to do my laundry which I just picked up.  I went back to bed after emailing HostelWorld to let them know it was OK.  I never got up until 7pm and knew I needed some food and more Meds  Cough Drops were not getting it and my emergency back up was gone over the 4th of July weekend.  I stepped out in the rain , took the bus, ate some God Awful Pasta and went to the Pharmacy.  Closed one minute ago and she would not let me in…just kept pointing down the street.  I saw another light blinking so figured that one would  be open.  They were dark inside and closed .  I inquired around town to see if one might be open but nobody thought so.  I stopped for an Orange, Roll and some juice to take back.  I may not go anywhere and rebook those two days I just made such a scene cancelling!  We will see tomorrow.

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