Last Day in Zagreb

David had finished Breakfast and was on his way out the door when he noticed Joline, the Australian lady. She was leaving also so they decided to visit the Antique Market together. While walking to the Tram stop David discovered that Joline left Australia in January and has been traveling since. It is not uncommon for Aussies to take a year and go around the world. She was a sailor though. She flew to Spain and sailed with friends in Barcelona then on to Egypt, Greece and the Aegean all over the Adriatic from Hvar, Dubrovnik, Krk , Korcula, etc. Then flew from Dubrovnik to Zagreb…she has been on the road all of 6 months and is leaving to fly back to Italy where her son in law lives then back to Spain where she might teach English at the school that David recommended. She lives in Sydney Harbor and has been on an all women sailing group for 15 years. They compete in races and she sometimes is the Captain. They rotate positions on a regular basis. She lived in Boston for five years and I asked if she sailed there. She replied yes but it was on her brother in laws boat. He represented Australia in the America Cup in Newport Rhode Island. We will have breakfast tomorrow before leaving…me for Split and she for Florence. I may not have all this correct so I apologize to you and to her….but pretty close.

We spent about an hour browsing around the Market then she went to St Mark’s church for a concert and David walked to the Botanical Gardens for the afternoon before returning to the Hostel to re-do his plans for the next two weeks. To see all that he wants, he make have to cut his stay short in both Split and Montenegro by a couple of days in each place. Athens is quite a lengthy bus or train ride and may take two days as well as the Athens to Istanbul trip.

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