Finally a Pharmacy

Port of Brac

I spent the evening going in and out of sleep. Must have been the Dust Storm in Phoenix…now I have to wash my car when I get back.    Phoenix Dust Storm

I tried Poker Stars to relieve my boredom but it wouldn’t come up for whatever reason so went on Facebook and started playing Zinga Texas Holdem Poker when just as I was ready to make a bet, a message came through from my friend Patty Winter on Facebook.  Zinga folded me and I lost a big bet but was so pleased that she was out there in Cyber Space.  I had been so sick and not talked to anyone.  She told me she was following my Blog so she knew a bit of my travels.  I was flattered but being so sick I couldn’t concentrate on making any sense so excused myself and went to bed.

Hvar Island was beckoning this morning but I was out of cold medicine and in a bad way.  I had to leave in one more day for Mostar and hadn’t bought my ticket.  My first goal was to find a Pharmacy.  The one I was at the evening before that closed the door in my face was too far.  I got to the bus stop and was looking at my map to see if one was closer when a car pulled up and parked to pick someone up across the way.  I was looking at the map when the bus stopped before the stop because the car was in the way…others boarded while I sat looking at the map and watched the bus go by as I looked up.  Great…another 20 minute wait.  I was so pissed I walked all the way into town and lucked out when around the corner was a Pharmacy.  She recommended some Expo rant? and Ibuprofen.  I bought and took them both before leaving the store to have breakfast.

David finished his yogurt , juice and coffee then bought his Bus ticket to Mostar.  He spotted a City Bus Tour and boarded it .   It took him to the rich part of the Island with a Sports Park and beautiful beaches.  The other half of the tour was a walking tour of the Castle area so he excused himself and ran down to the Ferry terminal and took the short trip to Brac Island.  Then he fell asleep and woke just in time to exit.  Still not feeling well, he took some photos, walked around the harbor, bought and Ice Cream and got back on the Ferry to return to Split.

9 Foot Tall Croatian Lady

It was late afternoon when he made it back to the room to pack and prepare for his new journey.  He emailed the new Hostel Nina in hopes that when he arrived at the bus station they would honor their pick-up delivery service.  Time to try and put up another slide show at the end of my Blog. Hvala!

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