MONDAY THE 11TH JUNE DAY 2 Exeter to Penzance via Torquay, Plymouth, & Fowey

         Woke this morning and knew I needed Medicine for this cold. Had to leave at 9:30 so no time to look around Exeter.  We visited another Coastal town , Torquay, on the Corwall Rivera for a one hour walk about.

I headed for the Chemist and asked for decongestant.  Do you have High Blood Pressure…yes…well she came around the counter and pointed at Cough syrup.  I protested but no decongestants with HP.  So I took the cough syrup and joined back with the bus tour.
           Later we visited Plymouth where our Pilgrims departed for Plymouth Mass on the Mayflower.

Having lived in Plymouth Mass it was deja vous.  I visited the Plymouth Gin Distillery and had a Ramen soup and rejoined the group.

         Later we stopped in Fowely and had to walk down to the village.  Kenny and I were debating because of the walk back up with our poor health.  We went down but I noticed a Fowely Bus that would take me back to where our bus was parked.

     I hopped on and as I was getting  off at the car park, our bus was departing for our pick up point.  I waved to Jimmy but he was busy driving and didn’t see me.  No problem, as it was a short distance to the pickup point and downhill.  I started down then lost my bearings on the narrow streets and took a wrong turn and ended up below our bus stop.  Now I was worried as I had to struggle  back up the hill and my legs started cramping.  Stress came on and with it a need to have a bowel movement.  There was a Hotel a short distance from the point ….do I go there or try and make the bus and use there toilet.  I could not go further and ran in the bar…where is the toilet…she pointed and I was on the toilet almost in the nick of time.  Well it wasn’t too bad  but had to clean up a real mess on my  backside.  The bus, just 50 yards away, left while I was  doing that.
       When Great Tour started a couple of days ago, one of the group decided to wash her clothes in the sink and let it run slowly so the water flowed out the overflow drain while she…our eccentric but very nice sister of the Prime Minister of Singapore…Wae Ling Lee.  But without noticing, her clothes floated up and clogged the drain.  This caused an overflow on to  the floor until the room was flooded while she showered.  The water came through  the ceiling and down into the next room.
       Then while traveling in the bus, Jimmy, our bus driver made a tight turn that removed the side mirror off a parked V.W.  Now it was my turn.
       The bus left without me.  I called David on my phone but got a message to try later.  I texted him and got back…I told you 4:30 and we waited but… would you like help getting to Penzance??  It was 4:45 so I figured he would quickly return.  He texted me directions to return to the hotel ,where I experience my accident (coincidentally called the Safe Harbour) and catch the 5:15 bus to St Austell train station then take the 6:40 train to Penzance and a taxi to the hotel Beachwalk.
        I got to the hotel/bus stop at 5 pm and the Manager said I could pay the driver.  She showed at 5:15 and dropped me at the Train station at 6:20.  I got my ticket but the train was running late.

   Still I arrived at 7:45 in Penzance and went to the Thai restaurant next door to eat where others were still browsing the menu.  I got my wine and ordered before they made up their minds what they wanted.

Kenny looked around and they were all surprised to see me sipping my wine at another table.  My cold was getting worse and didn’t want to join them. The meal was lovely and I met the owner and he showed me pictures of his child bride.  He was married in full Thai dress wedding in Bangkok with her family.  She was the chef.  They had opened 12 years ago and were very successful.
          David had my bags in the room for me.  I had a drink with him and Jimmy our driver then crashed in to bed.

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