There is in Mexico and it’s celebrated for three days every year…

There is a street that connects the Cathedral to the Cemetery in the village of Zaachila, a short ride from Oaxaca in Central Mexico. The village was formed as early as 500 AD.  Many people were born, then Baptized at the Church, and later buried in the Cemetery. The street the funeral procession would pass through has Wall Murals on both sides depicting the return of the Ancestors from the Dead to celebrate a reunion with friends and family. Food, Drink and Entertainment around the decorated grave site are shared with their Dead Ancestors from Sun set to Sunrise for three days starting October 31 each year.
          The first day is for sharing with the deceased children or Angelitos. Little Angels. The street Murals are many, varied, and painted by different artists each year in early October and remain there until the following October when they are painted over with new Art. The Mayan Civilization disappeared around 700 AD

and were thought that many integrated with the Creek Indians in what is now Florida and Georgia. Their “pictographs” were used to communicate their history in Codices like this one.

It has been almost 10,000 years since the beginning of Mesoamerica in 7000 BC when Hunter Gatherers started cultivating Corn in Oaxaca and forming villages. Today the creative talented indigenous people of Mexico express themselves in a variety of art forms.  Street Art is one.

People congregate around the decorated and prepared grave site to share stories,dance , eat and drink for those 3 Days.

We,in North America,commune with the Dead and make Memorials as needed.   Las Vegas lost 61 people in a Massacre this month.

 There are those descendants from Mesoamerica that still celebrate the Muertos 
de Dias their traditional way…even in a Las Vegas Supermarket.


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