I went over to the bakery today and had a Avocado Toast and Coffee.

 I inquired into Lost and Found to see if they had my sunglasses I’ve misplaced but did not.  I bought a dog on the way home.  Everyone needs a pet.   Mine is a novelty pull toy that I thought was cute.
        I told Adelina that she would have to water and feed it while I was gone. A quick stop at the BBQ Chicken place for dinner with Macaroni Salad…I can’t resist it.

My back has been bothering me for about 4 days now.  I slept well last night and felt good so left for the Barbershop for my last haircut while Adelina cleans house.  I took the bus and arrived to an empty shop.  I sat and read a bit then he came in from the back and motioned for me to sit in the chair.  I started to get up and the pain shot right up my back.  He noticed that and looked concerned but I told him …old age.  When he finished I started up and he asked where in the back it hurt.  Then he urged me to sit back and put my feet up while he proceeded to get a electric hand massage from the cabinet.  The old kind that you put you strap it to the back of your hand then use your hand to massage.  He massaged my back, scalp, shoulders, arms, legs, hands, fingers, neck and face!   It felt great but I was already having a bowel attack after my morning coffee.   
      I thanked him and fast walked to the library and barely made it to the bathroom.  I took the bus home when Adelina was just starting to clean so I told her about my back and I would just sit on the couch while she cleaned.  She got me a pillow and then when she finished my bedroom she urged me up off the couch lay on the bed.  The she asked where it hurt and I showed her.  She returned with Benque anointment my mother used to use all the time for her aches and pains.  Every time I would kiss her hello or goodnight she smelled of Bengay.  She rubbed it in then I kicked back and read while feeling the coolness of the menthol but the pain was still there.  I took 800 mg IBProphen.  Now I have a reason to make a Doctor’s appointment.

   Today Adelina called on me to see if I wanted some more Benque and if the pain was better. I was tempted but, though it felt good,it didn’t solve the problem.  Maybe a full body massage? I love Oaxaca.
     I had dinner at Vin y Tapas.  More Pasta…bad..and my daughter called while I was reading The Glory and Desire on Kindle when I received my 5th phone call in 3 months but couldn’t get out of Kindle and answer it and didn’t have my Bluetooth transmitter to send the call to my Hearing Aides.  I replied on “Messenger”  with a Photo after I got her message.  Still no vocal contact.  
        It is nice to hear a voice.  I still remember her’s on the phone, my Mom’s , my Dad’s , our phone operator Philis Walsh, even my Grandmother’s voice.  When your on the phone the voice is the person.  When your with them the voice is only a part of the whole.   

      Well most of this week I’ve laid low but today my back was much better so I went to the Bakery for a Mushroom Tomato on Sourdough and coffee.

 In a couple days I meet with Annalisa, Zoe and a couple of her friends, Doug and Greg at Destilada for a 9 course meal.

Today I visited Biznaga for their Comida of Spinach Soup and a Pulled Chicken Lasagna but instead of Pasta they used Scalloped potatoes with the chicken between and topped with Cheese and a salad.

      I went to our “Dinner Party” but Zoe got the days mixed us and made the reservations for the following day.  Annalisa and I decided to do the whole meal so grabbed a table and enjoyed a great evening of good food.

 I told Zoe I would stop in tomorrow to meet her two visiting sons and have a drink.

Gadi and I had scheduled a Breakfast when she returned from Bogota and her training to be a field interpreter for the Sierra Norte area of Oaxaca.  We met at Tres Bistro and she was still beaming from the excitement of the 10 day trip.  She made some new friends and met many from around South America and the world.  We enjoyed our last meal together and parted ways.  

Mexican Independence Day festivities and preparations started today for the big Parade and Celebration on the 15th of September   I’m ready!

That evening I met Doug and Greg who were visiting their Mother for a week.  I stayed for 2 drinks then left.  We had a nice conversation and they were all having fun and a nice dinner.

Yesterday I had Comida at TerraNova but took most home along with a take out from Sushiito for Sunday snack.  

Darcy, his sister Pat and Jan invited me to join them while they were finishing Happy Hour.  I had a drink then returned to do some more packing.

Red White and Green..colors of the flag. Adios until next year.

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