I left to meet Don and show him my plans for my new TV table he was to custom make.  Pat, his lady was there and we chatted while discussing different version of my plan and finally came up with something I would be happy with.


 Then Darcy, Pat’s brother showed up all clean shaved and haircut to visit his Mother in Canada the next morning. He bought her a necklace as a gift and Canadian Steve showed up before it was time for SUPER BOWL.
      I left for Tres Bistro across the street but was early so I was the only person at the bar. Next came Alfredo the relief bartender and my friend. Then two nice ladies, Claudia and Jane from St Louis. Then Ron, my friend from West Virginia showed and I gave up my coffee for a Beer and some fresh made Guacamole to fortify myself.  Then Lynn showed with her husband Kurt who just arrived in town a day or two before. I started off with some Guacamole off the Superbowl Special Board.


     The game started but the beginning looked bleak for New England.  The Falcons looked great and by the half time it was 3 to 24 in favor of Atlanta.

The restaurant was filling up with a line out the door.  The Super Bowl Specials looked good so I decided , after a half dozen Oysters


to try the Texas Brisket of Beef..sorry…OK I’ll try the Lobster Roll…sorry.  All specials were suspended by half time !  The kitchen was overwhelmed.

 I never saw this restaurant so busy ever. The owner came over and apologized .  I did understand having been a Chef and Owner so happily accepted his offer of a Mescal after my bartender also poured me an extra wine.  The game went into overtime and New England stepped up to the plate and walked away with another awesome win.  It was the most fantastic Super Bowl ever.
      I floated out of the restaurant and ran into the front man Saul at the door.  We chatted and I asked for a ride home.  He said he lost his car years ago trying to keep up and now rides a bike.  I told him I just bought an Electric battery powered bike and he showed me the Manager’s Electric bike stored in the back. It was awesome.  A little more money than I paid but I haven’t even seen my bike yet. It was supposed to be delivered this month.
   The Sunday bicycle riders were out.

 The city was booming.  I took a taxi home after one of the best evenings I’ve had in Oaxaca. Ron my friend is convinced that this is also where he will return to after years of searching for home in the winter.  Just like I did.

      Monday, Monday….Dinner with Sandra, Lynn, and her husband Kurt at the popular Quinque Restaurant.  I brought some box wine for us as they do not have a liquor license. Just after I arrived so did they.  It was a packed house so we ate upstairs. They had the Shrimp and I had the Fresh Shark.  It was all good but I forgot to take photos again.  I caught my friend Peter as he was finishing his dinner and enlisted him to take a photo of us.

    We wandered down the street to a Mescal Bar for a couple after dinner chasers.

  Today I hung the lantern that blew down when I opened the windows last week then sprayed for ants.
I walked down to a store that Deke told me about to Mat my photos but wandered to far and returned home.  Beautiful warm day with breeze coming through the open windows.  Fairly quiet today too. I’m going out to meet Sandra for a light dinner tonight at Importando.


     Wednesday was a Concert at San Paulo.


 Sandra met me at the Cafe but when we arrived it was already standing room.  We decided to visit the Cacao Exhibit next door then returned just as the Pianist and Singer arrived on stage.  Richard showed up so the three of us held up the wall in case of a Earthquake but we were close and the acoustics were great.  As you can tell for yourself:   OPERA SINGER AT SAN PAULO

     We all went to Luna y Sol to get a bite to eat.  I had Spinach Lasagna which may not look good but was superb.

       Thurs was Dominoes at the library.  I was hoping to advance my standing with the new knowledge of stratagem that I learned last week, but that was not to be the case…perhaps I was too over overconfident like our President.  I broke all records for last place with over 500 points.


        I licked my wounds the next day and dropped off the photos to be matted.  It was busy and I really didn’t know what I was doing.  He spoke Spanish, I spoke English and I think I screwed up.  I should have studied up on Matting and complimentary colors, the colors of my walls, my condo, what room the photo was going in , where it would hang…I blew it…but stuck to my commitment as the cost…around $150 wasn’t a lot for over 9 photos.
    I did drop my laundry off too. Sandra stopped by and we went to the Catedral for dinner.




    Saturday was light shopping to restock.  Some fresh eggs, tomatoes, real yogurt, Oranges, and back home.

    Sunday, Sandra was moving into her new Hotel so we met to tour Monte Alban.

 We took a taxi, spent a couple hours seeing the sites.  She climbed a lot and explored while I sat in the shade, took photos, and bought junk souvenirs for a lot of money while pretending I understood everything they said, when it fact I didn’t. We returned back home then met that evening.

   Monday was shopping for Sandra before leaving. We met at the Hotel Restaurant and after breakfast we started with the Mescalaria, but no sale, then on to the tourists places.

 We were still going until about 2:30 when we visited Cabouche .  I ate the special while she had the salad before we called it a day.

 Sandra was going to visit Kurt and Lynn at their hotel and have a toast on the roof before leaving the next day.
     I was coming down with a cold so stayed home and to bed early.

   Valentine’s Day and I agreed to deliver some balloons to two people at the library for Margie my Amiga back in Phoenix.  I felt better so stopped a lady walking in the street with balloons and purchased two Heart balloons for Nancy and Mari at the library.  After I made delivery I stopped to rest my legs and read when Lynn and Kurt stopped ,while walking by , to say hello.
    I went to the hardware store on the return home and bought some wall anchors and a drill bit to  hang my photos when I pick them up on Wednesday.

   Well I have to remember…this is Mexico.  First thing this morning I ran out to get the matted photos to hang…but they weren’t ready.  So I played on my computer most of the day after arranging for Helen and I to meet and eat at the Berlina tonight.

    We had a nice meal and visit with both Gabriel and his wife Johanna from Germany. Great meal.

   Today I take down the table at Dominoes.

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