I went out to pick up the laundry before my Desk delivery and mentioned to Adelina, the maid, that if Hector, the owner was going to put up my bathroom shelve today, the door was unlocked.  She replied that he was busy today and maybe Monday. Forgot to ask which week..Mexico..patience.

    Just after I returned Don and Pat showed up with my Desk.  Way more than I expected.  Perfect size and real drawer with shelve all of it plywood and pine finished beautifully.  I was very impressed. Don, who never took carpentry is a self taught woodworker with extraordinary talent. He helped me carry it to my new office then took Pat for lunch at Importando where Darcy, Pat’s brother hangs out.
    Now that I knew the landlord wasn’t going to be there I left to join them.  Darcy was there and we shared a couple of pitchers of beer before I left.

    I was hungry so stopped again at Taj Mahal for Chicken something that was very good.

    Once home I started planning how I was going to rearrange the furniture and where did I want the TV located.

   Sunday I drew up plans for the TV Table.  The craftsmanship of Don’s is excellent so I think it’s worth it to wait and let him work his magic.  I did wake in the night with fire in my belly.  As much as I love the Taj Mahal I can’t abuse my body.  It’s just not worth it.  NO MORE SPICY.  I had some of my Chicken Soup and Alka-Selzer and felt better. Spent the day at home.

    Monday I was going to one of the villages to buy a nice hand woven reed basket but was trying to buy some Canadian Stock with a new account I set up.  Well it has to be in Canadian Money.  So I switched to Canadian Money assuming the Broker just changes it for the rate and charges a small fee.
Most of the day was spent on the computer.  I thought it was set but had to wait until today for the transaction to be settled.
    I went out for a long walk and stopped for Hot Chocolate and some water while reading my new book.  The Glory and the Power is great saga of American History from 1932 to 1972. Protesters were continuing to incite the people.

Returning home I stopped and ordered two more Photos on Canvas but this time I got it right.  They will be ready on Thursday.  Then I bought a Chicken Torta to have for dinner.  It was spicy so I ate the chicken and threw out the Torta. Watched a few episodes of Orphan Black and retired.


    Today I was set to buy my stock with Canadian money…which apparently has gone way down in value over the last year or two.  Maybe I’ll spend this summer in Canada?  It turned out I didn’t change the money over.  To do that I have to put in a buy order and purchase it with my American Dollars. So I bought 5000+ Canadian Dollars for $4000 American…then bought 500 shares of stock…I think.  I still have to wait a day for that to settle I guess?  E-Trade everything is instant. I will find out tomorrow and make an effort to visit the Village of Basket Weavers.
     Deke, the Manager, brought a repair man to install two shelves I requested last week. Very happy.

     I went to Biznaga and had a Portabello  Mushroom with Provolone Cheese , Spinach, and Pistachio Nuts with Mixed Carrots, Zucchini, Tomato and Olives.  Very good.

I walked there and back home, watched another episode of Orphan Back and retired.
    This morning I discovered I did buy the stock and overnight the symbol changed from CGC to WEED. I like that.  The stock rose today.

     I went to a copy shop and had 7 photographs printed on heavy stock paper. I was debating on using my charge card when he told me the bill was 60 Pesos!  Less than $3.  I was amazed. So I stopped my an Oriental Store to buy some  lamp shades for three of my bare light bulbs.  100 Pesos…less than $5.  Wow.  I returned home feeling rich.

Had some homemade Chicken Vegetable soup, watched Orphan Black and retired early so I could make my tour at 9 am.

   I woke at 7 am but couldn’t get out of the house on time so cancelled the tour.  I cancelled the tour I had booked for Saturday too.  Very busy with little things this week.  I am off to pick up my Canvas Photos and stop at the Market.  I hope to hang my Lamp Shades today but will have to borrow a ladder with these high ceilings. Richard asked me to join him for dinner at a new place North of the Center.  I had the Surf and Turf…Two Shrimp and a Small Steak covered with Cheese?

   I did get the lamp shades up, picked up my Photos on Canvas and hung them too.

 That evening I attended an opening photo exhibit by our property Manager Dick (Deke) Keis. It was Black and White photos of Mexican tradesmen and artists.



 There was another opening of an 8 year old artist Painter.


    Dominoes Day!  I lost again then went to the Organic Market and bought some Turkey Sausage made by this German Lady.  It was lunch time and I stopped into a restaurant that Richard recommended.  Nice full meal special for $3.75.  Horachata to drink, nice salad followed by Chicken Cordon Bleu with fresh Steamed Vegetables and Penna Pasta with fresh Tomato Sauce.  An apple chopped into small piece , mixed with chopped nuts and topped with a sweet yogurt was dessert.

      A Gallery was open that I had wanted to stop in…so did.

    Saturday and I cancelled my tour to Mitla at the last minute.  I just want to relax and do nothing for a day.  I made some Lentil Soup and ran out to print some more pictures that Heather, my daughter sent me. I saw Helen on the way so she joined me while I completed my errands then we split a pizza and bid goodbye.

     Today I went early to the library for their big Boutique Sale.

 I was looking for a large pot to make my soups and a small Crock Pot.  I didn’t find either but….


Time to go meet Don and go over my drawings for my new TV Table…then SUPER BOWL!

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