My neighborhood ophthalmologist provided me with a eye script so I could order a new pair of glasses over the internet. Instead of sitting in the chair with the lens machine in front, you wear it, then after he plays with it until you can see good…you can walk around with what will be you new lenses.

      The next day I met with Hector for lunch and a nice visit.  He suggested I get my dental implant in the states or Mexico City as it is a new procedure for Oaxaca.

        On the way home I asked about all the construction near the Benito Juarez Market and Hector told me they are tearing out all the electric and restoring the market but making it safe and clean. Meanwhile they are moving everyone outside surrounding the building.

         Picked up some souvenirs and returned home.  It is hot now in the afternoons…the reason for the word Siesta…but I sleep well at night so go home to get out of the heat but get bored so as soon as the sun sets…I’m off to the Zocalo for a glass of wine.
     Today I said goodbye to Marc, my photographer friend and grad from R.I.T. in Rochester, N.Y.  I’ve been complaining that my photos have been crap for the last two months and I think something is wrong with my camera.  He took a look and suggested I remove the thumbprint from the lens. Duh.  I re-read the manual, played with the settings…but forgot the basics.  We had a nice lunch and I may meet him in Harwich where he generously offered me a place for a couple of days if I get over that way.
         I bused it back but at sunset decided to go out for my glass of wine at the Zocalo.  My friend and waiter Rolando, who worked a few years in California, asked me if I knew Ted , the Canadian that passed away last week.  It turned out Ted and him were friends and though I knew Ted’s significant other was planning some ceremony to commemorate his death , nobody at the library knew anything about it BUT Ed told Rolando that today they took his ashes to Monte Alban…a world heritage site and sacred ground and spread his ashes…to the wind on the Mount or over a ancient Pyramid but he is resting where the world will continue to visit unaware of his presence there. Great place to be.

      Rolando makes 70 Pesos a day working 6 days a week from 6 pm to up to 2 am…so depends a lot on tips. That is $4.20…for 8 hours…just a hair above the minimum wage.  It was a beautiful night to sit out and watch the world go by…but at 8:30 I went …bye bye and returned to bed early .
      I visited the Dentist for the last time.. she reminded me until I return for a cleaning.  I stopped for some coffee.

            I was on my way to Cabouche for Lunch when I saw a woman making her own nougat candy buy adding the nuts to two different blocks of Nougat she made with Milk, Water, and Honey and eggs I think…It was like a block of taffy…one made with Almond milk…I bought a small bar for desert after my lunch.

        The special today was a Vegetable Soup with Spinach Quiche with Squash Blossoms and Salad with Fruit Drink…Guabaya I think…and the Nougat which was soooo good.
Vegetables and Bessos…watercress.


      All for $5.40….I am starting to sound like those retired snowbird gringos…AND IT WAS ONLY 60 PESOS….OH…I am one.
       Later that evening I went to visit another Mexican friend I met who is a bartender at El Mescalrita…a Mescal Bar that features a million different Mescals, Craft Beers, and Mexican Wines…at a high price.   It happened to be his first day off in 2 weeks…I did have a nice beer though.

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