Primavera/ Eastre – Teutonic Goddess of Spring/ Easter Potluck

      Shannon shared her blog with me…nice photos of the  
click    Jesus y Maria statues.
        Well I attended to the potluck…I went to a specialty store and picked up 300 grams of Imported Dutch Cheese and picked up some Chia and Amaranth homemade baked crackers.  Also brought some fresh Pistachio Nuts from my “Nut Wherehouse”.  
       I left early anticipating no Buses or Taxis on Easter but stores were open and the buses were running so I was the first to arrive.  

 Next year I will prepare something.  The dishes were outstanding.  Beet and Goat Cheese Salad, Garbanzo, Garlic and Olive oil , Homemade Hummus, Quinona Salads, Corn, Green Beans, I think I have some photos.

  Chicken roasted over a wood fire…bought at market that morning, first REAL ham I’m had, Deviled Jalapeno eggs, Cookies, Cakes, fresh Apple Tartes , Chocolate Mousse with Rum,

It was a feast with great Folk , Rock and Country live music. All in a valley surrounded by Mountains..


Surrounded by close friends, Mr. Edward “Ted” Stewart Ausman passed away at his home on Wednesday, March 23, 2016 after a brief illness. Ted was a tremendously active member of our community having served in numerous capacities with the Oaxaca Lending Library and The Oaxaca Garden Club. A florist by profession Ted provided his artistic arrangements for many civic functions. He was universally respected and adored by the native and expat community here in Oaxaca.

A Canadian by birth but a Oaxacan in spirit, Ted had resided here for the past 7 years and operated a very popular Bed and Breakfast in San Jose de la Noria. His culinary skills were renowned and the fabulous breakfasts served insured numerous repeat guests.

Ted is survived by Edvard Vasquez and two brothers, Brian of London, Ontario and Eric of Cranbrook, British Columbia. He was preceded in death by his brother,  Larry Ausman of Winnipeg Manitoba.

He will live on in the memories of his family and the many friends here in Oaxaca as well as in Victoria and Vancouver, Canada.

Celebrations of his life are being planned locally as well as in Victoria, Canada. More information will be provided once plans are formalized.


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