Well Miriam never showed or called.  I had a nice Comida and returned home.

Seasoned Pork,Cheese, Problano Peppers on two Tortilla filled with Re-fried Beans

       Later that evening Hector and I met at Quinque for another awesome meal.  I had the fish but not sure what it was. It tasted and looked like Halibut but I don’t think Halibut comes from this area of the Pacific

Broiled Chicken Breast on Roasted Potatoes with Fresh Broccoli,Green Onions and Nopal…(Cactus Pod) .

Fresh Fish on Rice with Zucchini,Carrots, Avocado and onion

    . He came over to see my place and we had some coffee.  He thinks I’m being taken by my dentist and I agree.  Dr Mina has already started work and has half my money so I will let him complete it but want him to know that I’m not paying him more than the amount we agreed on. Hector’s sister is a dentist but he never told me.  I will go to her for cleanings and if I need further work.  There are a lot of Dentist and Doctors here that will scam you for the money.  They are certified but try to get as much money as possible…kind of like the states…referrals, tests, labs, expensive meds, etc.

    Friday I met Bob, who took over the Dominoes game for Richard when he left.  Three more players arrived.  A couple of Irish retirees from near Catskill New York and Marc , an Rochester Institute of Technology Graduate that live with his wife in Harwich Ma.  I met them at a library lecture a week ago.  We left together and he joined me for the Rotisserie Chicken Restaurant around the corner.  He is a retired Photographer.  R.I.T is noted for it’s excellent courses in Photography being the home of Eastman Kodak.  He invited me to the Cape this summer.  They have a Guest home in back and I love the area he lives in…so you never know.

     Saturday I headed for an Opera at the Teatro Macedonio Alcala..what I just call the Opera House.
Puccini’s Turandot was being simulcast from The MET in New York. I was falling asleep so left during the first intermission and returned home.



     The library’s 50 Anniversary Gala is at 4 pm in  a private home North of the Center.  I’m going to the library to get tickets for a lecture and a house tour coming up.  I’ll stop by my favorite coffee house before attending the Gala.
     I met a couple as I was walking in that live in Los Cruzes that used to live on 10th St and Greenway when I lived on 7 St just North of Bell.  Dwight and his wife are here for 2 months and it is their second time.

Chuck with a friend.

Patty (?) and Jill .  Larry with his Camera

Our President on the right.

          It was crowded but I managed to get a drink, stake out a seat in the garden and get some appetizers.  Chicken wings is not what you put out on a 50 Anniversary Gala when everyone is sharing two bathrooms and there is only one napkin at your table.

 Finger food is OK but not greasy wings with sauce.  It was good as was the dinner.  They offered Beef Wellington or Lasagna but Chef Juan Carlos gave me both when I went through the line.  It was a poor excuse for Beef Wellington.

Ted…from Vancouver B.C, Retired and runs a B & B in Oaxaca

 It was overcooked, the Puff Pastry wrapping was soggy and there were no mushroom Duxelle or Goose liver pate that makes it a Wellington…I think it was a pork loin instead. Overall the meal was good and we all had a good time.  The Jazz Band was excellent.

The Bathroom was too..and the Dining Room and the HOUSE

Nice View of the Gardens

        Sunday and time to pack for my Bus trip to Mexico City tomorrow to meet Chris at the Airport then we will return to Oaxaca on the plane Tuesday.

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