Sunday was a relaxing day sitting around while my landlord installed some shelves in my bathroom for me. He came at 11 am and left at 3:30 pm….??? Did not get the job done. He only had one large size bit which did not match the screws and anchors that came with the shelves to mount on the wall so used his own to large anchors …then the screws wouldn’t hold and didn’t support the shelve.  He pounded and mashed the plastic anchors until the screws fit but 6 months from now they won’t hold.  He just needed a smaller bit and now has to come back in the morning to do the last shelve!  This is Mexico.

     I was starved so left for Tres Bistro in the Zocalo to eat and stopped on the way to pick up some leaf tea and fresh Stevia for my kitchen.  Everyone was still on vacation and were out listening to the live bands and watching the dance entertainment.  Everything is free and quality entertainment


    I went to the bar to watch the Arizona Cardinal chalk up one more win toward the Super Bowl against Green Bay and had a nice Tuna Steak with Mashed Potatoes and Yams.

 I paid the bill and was leaving when Saul arrived.  He is a waiter that I met last year and we became friends.  Neither of us spoke the others language but now I speak a little more Spanish and he speaks more English than last I saw him.  It felt good to know people where ever you go.  In Phoenix…I only know the Bartenders at my Happy Hour favorites and the dealers at the Casino.

    It was around 11am Monday and the landlord had not returned to install the last shelve.  I went over and told him to forget it.

Went shopping then met Hector for dinner.  Hector is the only Mexican friend I have here.  He worked for El Presidente Hotel chain in Mexico and also 7 years in the states.  He is a professor that teaches Management at the University here.  It was our first get together since I returned.  He had taken advantage of Christmas break and been to the beach. We had a nice dinner at Cabouche and agreed to get together after the new years.  I might go to the beach myself after Marjorie leaves.
    Tuesday I played Dominos with Richard, Beth and another friend Bob.  We played most of the afternoon and had lunch at the hotel.  I walked over to the library to join Marjorie for a lecture by my friend Bill Pumphreys.  He spent 3 weeks in Peru this summer and did a beautiful slide presentation of his trip with his family.
      We stopped to get a bite to eat .

When I returned, the maid had cleaned the condo and the landlord had new internet high speed (for here) connections installed that day.  Wow…I was happy.
    Today I’m off to San Felipe for an afternoon playing Fandango…the card game similar to Canasta.

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