Christmas Day I finished putting together my “Pot Luck” contribution to the afternoon dinner at the Library and caught a taxi there.

 It was already set up nicely and people were laying claim to tables for their group.  I headed over to the cashier to purchase drink ticket then cashed one in and put my wine down where I wanted to sit and headed for the appetizer table for some Deviled eggs, Cheese and Crackers, Asparagus wrapped with Serrano Ham, and some Croutons with Tomato Jam.

     Marjorie and Richard joined me and another retired ExPat from NYC..Peter.  A ribbon cutting Ceremony was preformed for the opening of the roof top.

 Two members had been laboring the last few months to complete the first renovation of the Roof to open it for more events…Yoga, InterCambios, etc.  More tables on the roof were soon filled up and people were notified to begin the Buffet.  Tables were laden with Lots of different salads, vegetables, Turkey, Ham, Dressing, etc.

     A Dessert table was opened later…that was jammed packed with Cakes, Puddings, Pies, etc.
It was a nice dinner that finished on the roof with complimentary Mezcal Margaritas!!! I made a new friend from Germany that is visiting for a few months.


Spencer, one of the volunteers played some nice guitar music

then around 5 pm we caught a taxi home for an early bedtime.
     Beth, a friend from last year, arrived in town the next day for a week so we accepted an invitation to join her and Richard for dinner at the The Catedral , a very nice upscale restaurant, at 7pm.  On the way there we encountered huge crowds at the Zocalo for a concert that I was unaware of….a big Concert.

 Popular Singer Performing We paused to catch the opening act then hurried to join our friends.


Excellent Salmon with Mussels

Shrimp Tacos

Roast Pork

Chocolate..Chocolate and Chocolate

The meal was so fantastic we had to have dessert.  We paid the bill then headed back through the Zocalo for a bit more music before returning home.Headliner Playing

     So what is FANDANGO?  Well in between all the festivities, I was invited to join a small group of Card played to learn this game.  It is a lot like Canasta, which I’ve never played, so I thought it good to learn something new.  A small group of us met at the library and took the bus to Colonial Reforma to meet at Chuck’s home .  Chuck, a retired lawyer from Louisiana hosted this week’s card game.  Three hours later I returned home with a “basic” knowledge of Fandango, thanks to Bill who sat out the game to coach me through the afternoon.  It was fun and I’m set for another game coming up in a few days.

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