Marjorie arrives tonight from Arizona, so I will meet her at the airport.  She is packing Coconut Oil for me…something I hadn’t been able to readily buy.  She stayed in this unit last year and will take the back room for her month long stay while practicing her Spanish and hopefully teaching  the children in the villages.



    I went down to Nuevo Mondito Cafe just down the street while my maid Adelina cleaned house. How convenient. Marjorie arrived late so saved the unpacking for the next day.

Grew Hair since my last Photo

     Richard emailed me for lunch.  He is volunteering at the Library Fund Raising Rummage Sale.  I want to go to the Sunday Market in Col Reforma then maybe stop in to see if there are any deals.
      Eric and Alice returned from their excursion into the hinterland for a big Celebration and the Plume dance.   The dancers are picked by the Village for 3 years to do the Ceremonial Dance.  It is hard on them but last night was the end of their obligation so there was a huge party for them. Eric returned to Michigan today and will return next year.

Competing Japanese Yard Sale

     We decided to attend the library sale but didn’t buy anything except some DVD’s Movies. Had breakfast nearby and walked to a Market I have never been to because it’s uphill in the richer section of Oaxaca.  Turned out that Sunday they don’t have the Market so back to the library.  Richard changed his mind about lunch and we were full so all returned home for the day.

     Monday I played pool again with the “boys”.  I think I’m getting better but seldom winning at this point.  I met Marjorie at the library after and we took the bus to Walmart to get some food in the house for the week. A Taxi carted us and the groceries home.

      We walked to Biznaga for an early dinner and returned for an early night.
       Every morning I get up, Marjorie is out to the library or children’s school to help out.  It is like she isn’t here.  It is Tuesday and I have the day free.  I’m attending a lecture on Yugoslavia tonight at the library.

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