Every Thursday at 11 am a small group of 6 or so Gringo meet at the Pool Hall close to the center of town for 2-3 hours of pool.

 I attended my first today but not my last.  I haven’t played in years and it showed but by the end I was getting back the touch.

View from the Pool Hall

    That evening I wandered around looking for a place to eat and ended back at Cabouche for their Daily Special…I did get a photo of the Salad but forgot the entree.

Nopal (Cactus Pods) Salad

 It was all good and I made a reservation for Richard and I tomorrow at 9pm.  We will go to the Candela Dance Hall after to meet with Eric, his wife and their dance instructor.
     Visited the market today but so packed with Lady of Guadalupe goings on .  A Carnival was in Llano Park along with the Market, lots of traffic, families, children, so I had a Tuna Salad for lunch at the Health food restaurant and took a taxi home for the day.

Trying to stay healthy!

     Richard and I met at Cabuche around 9pm for dinner. We chose the same Sopas…Soup but he ordered it and we got another soup with Shrimp but not the Corn Chowder…best in the world.  The Shrimp Soup was good…then the Chicken stuffed with a side of Rice…I chose the Frijoles. We had to have dessert with Anise Liqueur. I had a Rice Pudding and I don’t remember what Richard had except it looked good.

            Richard offered me some of my herb I had donated to the cause…so one hit.  Well we arrived in perfect shape for this place.  The “Bouncer” took 50 pesos to enter.  Eric and Alice were waiting to join them at the table.  It was loud.  80 years ago, when this place opened, top acoustic bands played to a Dance Hall designed for acoustic…the concrete and stone walls echoed the amplification too intense to enjoy.      Eric and his wife dancing to the live band. An acoustic band with talent and less flash would pack the place and make it and international stop for hispanic and latino dancers from the Caribbean, Brazil, Cuba.Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Haiti , Trinidad, etc. Candela could be thee premier night club of Oaxaca.          We all bid goodbye and returned exhausted.


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