Sunday I was  anxious to try a new restaurant that got rave reviews.

 I walked there to find it was closed on Sunday so had some Posole Chicken Soup next door at a Mexican restaurant called the Aztec.

 Very good.
     I returned early so decided to head for the Churdari Supermarket for some more shopping. I bought some towels, glasses, wine, etc  I felt like a pack Mule so took a taxi home.

     It is now Monday and time to meet Eric, the photographer, and his wife on return holiday to Oaxaca.  Maybe we can try the new restaurant Cabuche.

I stopped at Cabuche on the way to see the menu.  The waiter from Biznaga was there with one of the waitresses .  Both I knew and remembered me.  He was the one that opened this and took some ideas with him.  The menu looked good so I told him I would return.
     As I left for the meeting a van pulled up and out of the back came three lovely models with 3 photographers.  While they were taking photos, the traffic stopped to look! Can you blame them?

     I arrive at 11:45 so had 30 minutes before they arrived.  I shared a fruit cocktail and coffee while reading my Kindle book.

Tom, my old neighbor from last year greeted me.  He was having lunch with one of his Mexican lady friends.

We agreed to meet when he returns from the states to renew his visa…we have to every 6 months unless your a resident.
          I got so wrapped up in my book that I lost track of time.  12:45…they were a 1/2 hour late…I decided to look for them and discovered they were at The Jardin Restaurant…NOT the Jardin Cafeteria where I was.  They had ordered food after waiting for me so I had a beer while we chatted. I wanted to eat at Cabuche and wasn’t that hungry now.

      When they finished lunch, we walked to the library so they could sign up to see the “Plume” dancers in a village on Saturday.  I signed up for a lecture for tomorrow on food.  They had been at Latin Dance lessons for two hours before meeting me so returned for a siesta.  I went to Cabuche and had a light lunch and took a salad home for dinner.

Meatballs (most gone now) and beans…mmmm good.

Ladies Room

Men’s Room


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