I visited my friend Hector that runs a news stand in Llano Park.  His business is slowing.  I can get “The News” on the Internet for free but I still buy it from him.  On the way to meet my Canadian friend Darcy I stopped for a haircut.  He remembered me but his shop was empty and he moved slower.  Last year he was absent for a week for a funeral of someone very close to him…wife I think.  He has lost his smile and spirit.  He cuts hair to keep busy and seems to spend  more time doing it…as if he is meditating and doesn’t want it to end because then he is alone again in his empty shop.

My Casa 801 Fiallo

       Darcy was in his usual seat at El Importante in the Zocalo, feeding his pigeons and drinking his pitchers of beer.  I gave him a photo book that Julie, a photographer had published.  She was a Couch Surfer at Darcy’s sister’s home last year for a week while taking classes at the Photography School here in Oaxaca.  Julie and I had kept in touch and share our websites.  It was a gift for Pat, Darcy’s sister.  She lives with her boyfriend Don in the country just outside of Oaxaca. He gave me some Chocolate Waffles he made with “special” ingredients.  I asked what happened to the muffins?  He got a deal on a $4 Waffle Maker at the thrift show.  I had a late breakfast and a beer while catching up since last I saw him.

One of Lawn Sculptures

        The next day I checked out the “Health Food Store” near the library and bought some homemade yogurt.  Had some Ceviche at a little Cafe then stopped at the library.

 I saw Micheal , a retired professor from Montreal who had spent the last 5 months in Southeast Asia…mostly around Angkor Wat Temples in Siem Reap, Cambodia.  We agreed to do lunch soon.  
          I was off to buy more to stock up the condo.  Talking to Micheal reminded me of a restaurant we used to eat at across from a wholesale supermarket on the way home.   I  walked over there and did my shopping then had lunch at El Sabors before hauling my stuff home to find the yogurt container broke a leaked whey all over my bag.

        Mary stopped by to invite me to Mass being held in the complex.  This Sunday is a special religious holiday so the owner invites us to join them then after the Mass they return to the complex for music and food.  It sounds nice but no thanks.
          Friday Morning I headed for the Llano Market for Fruit and Vegetables…and a pipe.

        This evening I agreed to meet Richard, another friend from last year that has a home in San Miguel De Allende where I stayed for a few days after I helped drive him back home last year.  He travels a lot.  I took the taxi and the driver spoke no English but I told him that allows me to practice so he started quizzing me.  I was understanding most of what he was saying and replying to him after some thought.  The traffic was backed up all the way to Sol y Luna where I was to meet Richard.  The driver started to sing Christmas Carols in Spanish. He had a beautiful voice and I was enjoying it while learning Spanish.  Only in Oaxaca.  I did make the mistake of exiting when I thought the restaurant was just ahead.  It wasn’t.  I walked faster than the traffic and got there before him.  Then came the Friday Bicycle Group

      Richard was on his second Gin and we reminisced while downing a few more Gins before ordering and switching to Wine.  Emilio the owner arrived and stopped to welcome us.  He had been on tour with his wife.  They play music together and after a gig in Cuba he ended up in South Korea before returning home.  Richard and I booked a table for a concert he booked at the restaurant for the 13th …a week away.


        We had a great meal then headed for Tapas y Vino for last call, stopped at a dance hall Richard knew about.  They give Salsa lessons that he wants to take before going to Bogota, Columbia for a month.  The place was opened in 1935 as a dance hall and now catered to Salsa and Swing music.

 The band doesn’t start until around 11 pm so we had our last call and bid good bye.
        Saturday Richard came over to see my place then we walked to the Zocalo.  He wanted to buy some Docker’s pants and I wanted some Nuts for Granola.  After he got his pants he took me to the Nut House.  A Warehouse, I would have never found, that sold nuts, raisins, spices, seeds, chili’s, and pet food in bulk.  I picked up a half roasted chicken, tortillas, rice and salsa with a Pepsi for $3.60 to take home for lunch and returned home to enjoy it.

Richard in the Nut House


Nuts, Raisins, Beans, Coconut…and Pet Food

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