Return to Coxsackie, Family Crisis, Historic Hudson River Valley Homes

             I called Helen at I got within 50 miles to let her know I would arrive shortly when she informed me that David had a stent put in where the other stent had failed and got clogged.  Erik , her son had driven up from Richmond Virginia to be with his father as did his two sister’s Tina and Dawn.  I arrived and Tina’s daughter, who lived in an apartment Helen had built for her was home to greet me.  Barbara, Helen’s sister called and told me she was bringing Spaghetti and Meatballs over for dinner.  Helen showed up with Erik her son, just after Barbara arrived so we ate and chatted until late.  The local “drug runner” , friend of the family brought over some Xanax to calm Helen’s nerves and allow her to sleep that night.  Barbara and I are going to see one of the Historical Homes on the Hudson river tomorrow around Noon.  She went home and I went to bed.
       She got here early so we went down to the local diner and had breakfast and headed for Germantown and the Livingston Estate.

First Steamer, The Clermont.  Fulton and Livingston were partners.

Livingston Family…descendants of the one that drafted the Declaration of Independence and negotiated the Louisiana Purchase

Livingstone Mansion

Their property

 Livingstone’s were rich and owned lots of property on both sides of the Hudson.  One helped draft the Declaration of Independence but refused to sign it in case Britain won the war.  It was considered treasonous and they would have lost all there property , wealth and lives.  It was a nice tour and after Barb wanted to take me to Beeham Arms for dinner.  The Montgomery House was just up the road a bit so we stopped there first.

Montgomery Mansion…1st General to die in the Revolution

 Barbara stayed in the car and called some Real Estate customers she was working with while I walked to the Montgomery House .  A tour would take too long and it was too late but I took photos of the grounds and the house before returning to the parking lot and Barbara.  She drove through the campus of Bard University.

We then drove into Rhinebeck, a wealthy suburb of have dinner at the Beeham Inn.  It is the oldest operating Inn in the U.S….but the Red Lion in Sturbridge Massachusetts says the same?

  We had a great meal with Colin our waiter,  then returned to a house full of people just returned from the hospital.
          The Doctor decided David needed a “heart map” operation the next day so would not becoming home.  The operation would start at 9 am and take 7 hours.  The whole family went in to support Helen.  

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