Littleton, New Hampshire and My Mother’s Side of the Family

       I showered, had breakfast on the way out of town and headed for New Hampshire and my step-Aunt Jeanette’s home in Littleton and to visit the grave site of my recently departed Uncle Johnny, my Mother’s Brother.

 I got lost half way there so took a LOT of scenic Route through Vermont and New Hampshire before finally arriving around 5:30 in time for another “Birthday Dinner” .  My cousin Dan showed up with his wife Priscilla and we sat down to another wonderful dinner of Pasta with Veal, Rolls and Vegetables.   We sat and talked a long time before Dan and Cil departed.  We all retired for the night .
       This morning Jeanette and I drove up to Polly’s Pancake Parlor and had a nice Breakfast.  The place was packed.  The food and view a top the mountain was beautiful with a light rain complementing the fall colors. 

       We then stopped at the cemetery to pay respects to my Uncle John.

 We took a little walk around the cemetery then returned to the house so I could get my computer and update this Blog at McDonald’s since Jeanette has no computer or WiFi.   We hope to have dinner at Dennis and Linda’s Restaurant, “Grammy’s Place” tonight.  Dennis is another of my cousin’s that worked a short time for me at my restaurant in Phoenix…a long time ago.  He is a good Chef as is his brother Dana.  
         I took off for coffee and WiFi at McDonald’s to check my email then returned around 3 pm to find Dan and Cil visiting Jeanette.  They wanted to take me up to Whitefield , Dalton , the Covered Bridge over the Connecticut River between Vermont and New Hampshire then to a restaurant for dinner. We took off but the road was blocked off so we crossed another bridge to Gilman where my Mom worked when she was 17 at the Paper Mill just down from where my Grandfather Streeter lived in Vermont.

 That house was gone now too.  We crossed back over the Covered Bridge into New Hampshire , took some photos then Dan started driving up along the river North….and drove …and drove through country I didn’t recognize. Dan stopped so I could visit some more of my deceased Aunt and Uncle, Cousin and Grandparents.

         Finally I asked where this restaurant was ..St Johnsbury, Orleans, ?  No it was almost in Canada in Colebrook, NH where his brother Ron used to work at Sheriff after he returned from Vietnam.  Dan drove a UPS truck 250 a day 5 days a week back and forth making deliveries there for 3-4 years out of his 31 years of working for UPS.  It was beautiful country and a nice but long ride.  We stopped at a Waterfalls just outside the town.

 It started to rain and was getting dark so we finally reached the restaurant and had dinner then drove back. 
         Dan got stopped by the State Police doing 60 in a 50 mile and hour zone but after a check of his clean driving record the policeman gave him a warning and we arrived back at Jeanette’s home in time for the Democratic debates at 8:30.  Dan and Cil returned home and Jeanette and I watched the debate.  
      After. we were talking and she confided her concern about her bouts of dementia and how difficult it was for her to manage the house.  She admitted a future need to downsize and move to an assisted living facility where she could get care she anticipated she would need later.  I offered to take her to a place she mentioned the next day for a tour and to investigate the costs and benefits of such an arrangement.  We agreed to visit the RiverGlen home in downtown Littleton the next day.
         Wednesday morning we had coffee then arrived at 9 am and met the sales representative for a tour of River Glen next to the Senior Citizens Center along the river right downtown.  

We took the brochures and gave Ron Niles the Representative the information he needed to contact her.  
         We went over to the Coffee Pot for lunch and discussed it.  She wasn’t ready to move yet but agreed that she felt that would be the place when the time came.  She wanted to have  lunch there  by herself and get more of a feel of the place. She had met some friends she knew from the Senior Center while visiting that day that lived there for the last few years.  That made her feel comfortable and she could take her cat with her.  I dropped her at the house and left for Helen’s in Coxsackie anxious to find out how David was doing.

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