We invited Lisa, our neighbor from Oakland, to join us for dinner.  She said she would meet us and while we were waiting for her arrival, Halina from Michigan walked by.  I ran out and invited her in to join us.  Lisa showed up and we enjoyed a lovely dinner together.

        Thursday we visited the Oaxaca History Museum with treasures from the Tombs of different Temples around Oaxaca as well as Artifacts dating back over 3000 years BC…up to Spain’s Conquest , the Mexican Revolution and Early 20th Century. MUSEO DE LAS CULTURAS DE OAXACA AT SANTO DOMINGO

     We stopped at my favorite bakery

to get some pastries for Breakfast and after a cup of coffee we met Hector, my friend and our guide.  He graciously offered to assist Chris in finding ancient music of Mexico for her Grandson in Arizona that is a musician and works with Sound Mixing Ancient with New Music.  I never knew what Hector did other than teach.  He is a Professor at a local 4 year University teaching Hotel and Restaurant Management.  We discovered we had a lot in common with me being in the Hotel Restaurant “Hospitality” business all my life.
      It didn’t take long before Chris had her albums then he helped me find one I had been looking for that was recommended to me.  Mexican Female Pop artist Lupita d’ Alesso.
       We all had a great dinner at Tres Bistro again.  My French Connection Hamburg (lamb,beef, and pork) with Fries was OK.

 Chris had a delicious Mahi-Mahi on Risotto with Corn in a Creme Sauce with Oranges.

 Hector had 3 excellent fish Tacos.

    We went separate directions home.
      Friday we stayed in while the handyman repaired the toilet and replaced an electrical switch…then had Comida..4 course lunch…at Isabelle’s near the Library. We visited the Friday Market in Llano Park so Chris could shop a bit and I could watch the world go by. She got a skirt…I got some more Incense. More expensive than my Pot!
     The PBS Documentary on the Mexican Revolution now had a waiting list and they were scrambling for chairs when we arrived.  We hadn’t signed up so instead, stopped for Rotisserie Chicken and Macaroni Salad and bussed home for dinner.                          

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