Night of the Radishes   Read all about it.  I went looking for some Radishes but NADA?  
        I decided to have lunch at Quenque…good cooks and a great BBQ Pork meal.

My friend Peter said the Radish Festival was always in the Zocalo but that had been occupied by Vendors, Protesting Teachers, and squatters since I arrived October 28th after the Missing 43 students.  Not anymore! I stopped to see. Most of the vendors are being removed…only the Protesting Teachers seem to still be there in Sierra Trail tents…all the same model..must of got a good price on them.  Now I can visit the Zocalo and enjoy the park as it was meant to be.  As for the Radishes…I’ll keep you posted.

Sunday there was a weekly get together at   Casa Colonial   , a long running B&B now being run by Jane Robison after her husband died in an automobile accident.  This was my first time attending the event.  Dr Z, who plays in the band and is my doctor, invited me two or three times but I thought it was North of the city so didn’t bother.  It was close to the Zocalo so it was easy for me to catch the bus to within four blocks and walk.

I arrived just as the band was setting up, so ordered a wine from the bar and sat with Richard the Domino player.  There was about 50 people in attendance and some of the guests at the B&B joined us.  Nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon.


Took a photo tour during the break …


 I had a Charcoal Grilled Mexican Hamburgesa then Richard and I decided to split a Pizza at the Tres Bistro.  We could find out what was going on with the Zocalo and the Radish Festival too. There was a huge neighborhood Festival going on at the Solidad Church after we left the party.
      Prices at one of EX favorites, Tres Bistro, went up….last meal there.  The Zocalo was cleaned up except for the Tents and Protesting school teacher and the tables were being set up to surround the park for the Radish Festival displays.  We split and each returned home.  If you want to hear the band:

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