I am getting spoiled with this maid service.  I look forward to seeing the house all sparkling, clean sheets, empty shitty wastebaskets (we can’t flush our toilet paper in Mexico..or drink the water, or…), clean floors , etc.  I left to drop of my shirts and pants for cleaning and pressing…about the same cost as in the US.  Laundry is CHEAP…so wash and wear is the best.  


      I enjoyed breakfast at the local Cafe in A Sol where Peter, (Canadian friend stays).  I met him leaving and we walked to the market together.  I stocked up for the week and returned to my clean house.  
     I was low on drinking water so went to see my Landlady. 
      Last night she offered me a discount if I paid her then because she needed cash in a hurry. The rent wasn’t due for a week.  I paid the full price and threw in an extra 50 pesos for her selling my microwave for me while I was back in Norte Americana.  
      She said she wanted to show me what the money was for and took me to the first condo that Helen, my friend from Rochester, stayed at.  Helen introduced me to Los Nogales..the Oasis in Oaxaca. 
     The condo had been mostly transformed into a modern, tiled , beautiful place with a kitchen island, microwave, stainless steel refrigerator, even a large kitchen window replaced the old small one so the place was full of light both up and downstairs. The outside area had been cleared for a semi private patio to add to the appeal.  

        The workers had finished the job sooner than they told her so this is what my rent paid for…my new digs next year!  Yes, I can stop looking…I have a nice place, in a good neighborhood, quiet, with lots of light, cheaper than anything comparable…I booked it and took my water home.  
     I am returning on Friday to take photos for her and me.  I took some today but the paint hasn’t dried to put in all the curtains, bedspreads etc.  Can’t wait.

     The Thanksgiving Dinner was at 2 pm at the library so I arrived next door a bit early to pick up Juanita’s Pumpkin Tamales she prepared for me.  Lucy, her bilingual , very intelligent daughter, met me with the HOT Tamales and asked for 300 Pesos.  I gave her 400 Peso but after felt guilty I didn’t give her more. They were in a plastic bag that fit perfectly into my disposable Pot I brought from Mi Casa with a label “Pumpkin Tamales” then added it to the desert table at the library.

     I took a seat and saved one for Lisa who was joining me with her Mediterranean bean salad she made at Mi Casa last night and picked up this morning.  We were having some wine and appetizers at the table when she joined us.  We got in line but they ran out of DRESSING by the time I got there.  Everything else was tops.  The tables all had linen tablecloths with floral arrangements by Ted who had a Florist Shop in Vancouver B.C. before he retired to run a Gay B & B near my neighborhood in Oaxaca.  The laggards from the hike we were on day before yesterday were at our table…they spent yesterday recuperating like me.  We had a fabulous dinner…all 97 of us…the library only expected 60-70 but handled everything very professionally.  We finished our desert ( I had to move my Tamales up front as more deserts arrived after my placement and I got back seat. .. I ended  taking 8 out of 19 home with me).  It was too much fun to be bothered by such trivia…so we all went up to the roof and bought shots of Mescal from Jose our friendly “Mescal Boy” who came around to the tables encouraging us to have Mescal Blanco or Mescal Monte Alban…both he pulled out of his apron and filled little plastic shots with.  My Doctor Z playing the drums, and his GREAT Blues singer with a couple of good guitarists got us all up on the dance floor in short order.  It was great…except I forgot my camera!!!!!  I borrowed Lisa’s phone and took a few photos before the battery went dead.  

     Her and I packed up our dishes and left just before everyone else.  We caught the bus and were back at Mi Casa washing up  and putting away leftover Tamales…and having one last call before she left and I crashed at 9:30.

FRIDAY      I slept until 9:30 am very soundly. Tamales for breakfast worked…then I did some Black Friday shopping on the Internet.  I went over to take some photos of the newly remodeled condo with furniture and drapes but the maid was still cleaning up and hadn’t got the beds make or curtains up.   I returned to take a shower and then took the bus to Los Tacos.  On the way I ran into a Limo for a Wedding at the Basilica.

This is a place I’ve passed on the street that was always busy and it was indoors.  Most restaurants have open patios so when it gets cold, like today 69%, I want to sit in a warm place to enjoy my dinner.  I did.  Francis, born in Oaxaca, and three years working at Wrigley field in Chicago, was a great waiter.

 I did a couple glasses of house wine with my Chicken in Wine Sauce with salad and French Fries…then had Cornbread sauteed in an Iron Skillet with butter and topped with Ice Cream and Mexican Vanilla…with Carlo I Brandy from Spain.  

         The bus dropped me at my Mescal Bar so I walked in, raised one finger to Daniel the owner , and pointed at my table.  I couldn’t do two Mescal’s after the wine and brandy…but this time he filled my glass full…which is two Mescal’s for the price of one.  I walked it off on the way home to run into Fernando, the landlord,  just after I came in the gate.  The young Swedish ladies were outside enjoying the cool air on their laptop.  This morning they were sunning themselves in the garden when I emptied the garbage.  All in all this has been another Oz adventure.   

SATURDAY         I returned to take more photos of the remodel condo but the Landlady was still waiting for a furniture delivery so we agreed to do it next week.   I left and met Lisa at the library Cambio where the Gringos and Mexicans practice language skills.

 She  introduced me to Dolores, a retired traveler from Manhattan.  We all had coffee.  I had a nice Spanish Torilla with Chorizo and Queso.   Dolores was practicing her Spanish. She was doing a 300 km bike trip with a group next week!   Last spring she hiked the Santiago Pilgrimage trail in Spain.  It took her 6 weeks.  She was planning a return to  Oaxaca in February.   
          I left them to pick up my Dry Cleaning and return home.   Lisa stopped by later that afternoon to drop her Backpack off for storage at my place while she heads to the   beach for a week of sun then off to Oakland for Christmas.  She returns here to stay February 1, 2015.           Hungry, I bussed it to Viejo Lira Italian Restaurante for another Pizza Primivera and Wine.  I will try more on that menu…so good.   The town is starting to decorate for Christmas.

         Surprise, no water when I returned home.

SUNDAY        Well, still no water so I emailed the landlady. She got the message and I have water.

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