I should have brought IceWear   This is how they dress and how they look…If I knew I was going to a place to wear these clothes I would buy them…very high quality.  Unfortunately I’m only going to Norway for 5 days and hope to never see a cold climate again.  Here in Iceland, home to 160 volcanoes, you can experience all four seasons in one day and at any time of the year.  Their weather is the most unpredictable in the world. The air is so pristine…no pollution!  Cleanest air I’ve ever breathed. Just a lot of grey sky.  

Reykjavik on Monday

That could be the reason I have not experience ANY leg pain or intermittent claudation that has plagued my travels the last three years.  I still get the muscle pain from weakness…and welcome it. It gives me hope!!
      The overall temperatures here tend to be COOL…like 40%F-68%F with lows in January to Freezing…32%F    I couldn’t wear shorts and a T-Shirt here…but they do in summer…I could be comfortable with proper clothing…but I hate clothes.
        Sam, my landlord, was born in a suburb just outside the city and lived here all his life.  He is a charming, outgoing, physical, and well educated.  This is the impression I get of everyone I meet here. I think he is a professor at the University but haven’t seen him much to even ask.  Off for another adventure and maybe a Viking museum. 
       Oh Oh!  The Minke woke me at 6 am then after a bout in the bathroom with her / him I thought I had more sleep time so returned to bed.  At 10 am I woke all fresh , showered and was ready for a full day of Reykjavik…but after looking at my computer then my phone…I realized it was 3 pm!!! I slept from 10:30pm to 3 pm…16.5 hours…I think a record!  Jet lag!
         I rushed out the door in disbelief to make up for 5 lost hours.  I walked to the HARPA…music hall hoping to catch the last “Get on Get Off ” bus tour of the city.  I made it.

All For Just Me

Alice is going to catch a Cold

Look Close..can you see Grandma?

On the trip I made notes for stop off points and sites I wanted to spend time at.  I wish I had the time to take the ferry to Vigby Island.  Yoko Ono goes there on John Lennon’s birthday in October to beam a light into the Heavens and tell him she is OK and let the world know his wishes for Peace on Earth. The ticket was good for 24 hours. 

Some streets are Rainbows

     When the bus returned to the final stop, my starting point, I did a brief self tour of the Harpa, a marvelous building, then checked out the schedule of events there.

Even the Bathrooms are Special


 A 4 D movie was scheduled at 5:30 so I bought a ticket and saw at 4D Movie in a box theater of Iceland.  It was good but after NO COFFEE , food or anything…I was ready to feast. 
        I started back toward the apartment looking for a nice restaurant to relax in.  When I got closer to home I notice there was no commercial areas but saw a local mini mart and stopped to buy some coffee for in the mornings at my room.  When I inquired about a close by restaurant, the shop keeper directed me down the street to the “Three Frenchman” where I ate last night.  He cautioned that it was pricey.  I cautioned the Whale is not to be ordered and went back toward the center with my bag of coffee until I ran into the French Bistro.  I looked at the window menu and saw the crowd inside on a Monday and figured French restaurants couldn’t be all bad.  Later I discovered the Cafe Paris was already on my list as highly recommended…it was fate.

Couldn’t only meal of the Day

     I got a nice seat and noted the sign: “Slow Food”.  I told the waitress I was a Slow Eater so give me the Icelandic Lamb topped with Pesto on a bed of fresh green beans with the Ratatouille and a 1/2 liter of house Red.  When I finished I reordered the Cafe Gourmand…Coffee and Petite dessert…and add a Calvados Brandy to complete the feast.  It was a feast.  I got Three Mini Shots of Chocolate Mousse (70%), a lemon cake with creamy topping and I can’t remember the other but ate it with relish.  The final bill…$84…but you don’t tip here…at least I didn’t.  It is hard not to given my culture of tipping. TIP From David
     Sorry, wrong tip…new tip from David
     I have seen so many foreigners NOT tip and blatantly state they thought the idea was humiliating…I decided…after spending $84 for a meal.. for just me…solo…NOT to tip.  The party of 4 next to me had Seafood dishes, wine, etc and left NO tip …they were Icelanders.  I followed suit without regret…well maybe a little.


Danes Smoking and Drinking…in the Cold

The Toilet

      I returned home to an empty house, even the shoes that Sam left at the door when arriving were gone…all of them…I assumed he left on an over night and I have the place to myself.  I will set the alarm to be safe.  My Helicopter notice just arrived and I’m set for 2:15 tomorrow afternoon.  The only problem I see is that Regina Fanny, the contact, said it was 240 krona’s or 1600 Euros…1600 Euros is almost $2000 dollars.   I’m waiting for Regina Fanny ( Royal Ass)  to return my inquiry.  I’ve flown twice in my life $80 in Costa Rica on $120 in Hawaii…but am not paying $2000.   Hopefully I will have some special pictures in my next blog if we don’t get sucked into the volcano.
      Sam returned and I discovered he actually has a job from 10 am t0 5 pm Monday through Friday.  He is an construction engineer on commercial project and does find time to travel…Europe , Southeast Asia and Japan.  We talked about me making Iceland my summer home and exchanged cards. Who knows.  I haven’t had any pain in my legs and he thinks it’s the Oxygen in the Non polluted air…I have to agree!  That is the reason I get the pain is lack of oxygen to my legs.  The one time I felt the same was in Oaxaca in the summer.  I might try going back in summer or measuring the oxygen level this winter and comparing it using a weatherman or stats, if they have them on the levels of pollution in winter vs summer.?? You never know.

David’s future Summer Home

     I hope your day was as good as mine…short as it was.  Wow…just received a confirmation on the price of the volcano tour…$2025!  Not $225 I expected.  I cancelled and Sam said they are just ripping everyone off and taking advantage of the situation…he is taking a jeep tour of the volcano this weekend…for less than $150 but I’m not going to be here to join him.  So folks…you just have to watch Nature on PBS.  Good night.


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