Sunday David spent the day in the Sun trying to get a tan, well around 30 minutes.  Time for a refreshing cool shower but surprise …no agua.  The water went from a trickle to nothing while I was lathered up.  I wasted some good drinking water rinsing off then emailed Teresa.  Her reply was Usi will be out tomorrow and will call the Fire Department again.  Coincidentally, shortly after  her daughter returned that evening and yelled up from below to ask if I still had no water, ten minutes later I had water??? Could she have shut off my water when she left for work that afternoon? Minor inconvenience…part of learning patience and getting on “Mexican” time frame..Manana.
          Manana came and I dropped some Medical records at my doctor’s office and made an appointment with Dr. Z for Thursday.  I took my Flomax script to the Pharmacy to fill, thinking it would be cheap in Mexico.  Surprise…$20 for 20 capsules. I will take advantage of Medicare next time and have ALL my medicine before departing. I picked up The News, an English paper about Mexico but with news around the world.  Hector, mi amigo, owns the stand and struggles to compete with Smart Phones and computers.  

The computer store, where I print out documents, was closed  so I dropped into the library just in time to sign up for a Mexican History class that started in 10 minutes.  I ran down to my “Flying Pig” restaurant to start the day with a Ham Torta to go but they were busy and said they would deliver to the library. I returned and Helen, my Rochester, N.Y. friend had a seat saved for me.  Shortly the restaurant delivered a tray of food and drinks that apparently a group a young ladies had ordered after me. I was on the other side of the room when they all scurried around the food like ravenous birds.  There was nothing on the tray in 10 seconds….I assumed mine was to come. Wrong.  I ran down on break to complain but the Chef said it was on the tray with MY NAME ON IT…some one got a free meal. 
            He reimbursed me but it was 2 pm and I hadn’t eaten at all.  I was stressed so excused myself from class and took the bus to Plaza de Valle where I gorged on a Triple Angus Cheeseburger, Fries, and a Coke

before crossing the street to Sam’s Club to complete my day shopping. Sam’s Club , like Costco sells in bulk so there was little for me to buy…Frozen Berries and Frozen California Vegetables, Coke Light, Activa drinkable Yogurt with fruit (Dannon stopped making it plain in Quarts) and a large 12 oz Peanut Butter.  I negotiated a taxi home for 70 Pesos.
      Tuesday my computer store was open so I printed out my documents for taxes coming soon and returned home after picking up my laundry.

       Wednesday I  attended another class, dined with Helen,

and stayed over at her place. It was cold that night and the next morning when I showed up at the Doctor’s office to discover they had to change appointment to Friday, but didn’t have a way to let me know. Helen and I had lunch then I was off to meet Darcy at the library but he didn’t show so I returned home.  

      Usi had checked my gas leak and shut off the valve then switched to the other tank.  I assume the gas company will replace it tomorrow when I go in for my Doctor’s appointment.  Dr Z was busy when I arrived. We discussed my radiation treatment and ongoing problem of frequent urination.  He suggested I get “roto rooted” a laser procedure called a TURP that is done in an hour and little side effect.  This is what I requested my Urologist do two years ago before I was diagnosed with cancer. He said it was too radical and to take some more pills. I told Dr Z to plan on it when I return from a trip North around mid February.  He suggested I come see his band play Beatles Music at Pescado Rock

down the street on Sunday. I agreed. 
     Helen met me at the library where I was talking to Courtney from Olympia Washington.  Her and I will have lunch Sunday then stop into hear my Dr’s band.  Helen and I stopped at a Torta Stand and split one before taking the bus to my place.

 We stopped to visit Canteras Park

then I bought some Vodka and crackers to take home.   When the bus let us out I picked up some Jicama and Oranges at the produce stand before taking the Moto Taxi to the condo. I dropped the Vodka in the driveway trying to get my keys.  Oh well.
       I gave Helen the tour and showed her my place then we crossed the street to the Buffet Restaurant  for our lunch/dinner.  It was quite nice. 
      Helen left on the Moto Taxi for home. 

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