Oaxaca folds the tent and takes a nap….for now.

   Llano Park is quiet…all the food and craft tents are gone and only the wooden structures remain to be recycled for next year.  Every nail and screw are salvaged.  I too am preparing my departure to be recycled in January when I return for the winter.
     A couple evenings ago I was watching a movie with my ear buds in to drown out the dog barking. I retired around 10 pm and around 10:30 the dog woke me with his barking. I put in my ear plugs but my left one didn’t quite fit.  I was tired and fell asleep only to re-awake around 2 or 3 in the morning when my left ear plug fell out.  I ignored it and went back to sleep.  The next morning I noticed my left ear ached a bit and after my shower I went to clean it with a Q tip but it felt like something was in my ear. That afternoon when I wanted to listen to some music, I noticed the “bud” on the head phone was missing.  I searched the couch, floor, chair…but no bud.  Then it occurred to me that it might be in my ear and when I put the plug in, I pushed it further against my ear drum causing the pain.  I couldn’t feel anything and put in my tweezers but couldn’t grasp anything so just thought it might be swelling and a minor infection from the plug.  I went to my Doctor but he was out for siesta and returned later but with summer hours the office was closed.
     That evening I took an Advil to relieve the pain and slept well.  Today I returned to the Doctor but still the office was closed.  I went to a meeting with a Mexican lawyer I met at Immigration.  The meeting was at the library and it was standing room only. I only had one hearing aid in and was in the back so my time was a waste.  I did ask German,( his name), why would I want Temporary Residency if: I wasn’t going to work here and at this time was not sure I ever wanted Permanent Residency which requires four years of Temporary Residency before you qualify for Permanent. The only advantage was you can come and go out of the country with no problems and you qualify for a 50% discount on bus travel.  You have to pay around $350 for the Temporary Residency.  I get a 6 month Visa included in my airfare when I come into Mexico and if I leave I have to get another each time I re-enter…but I go home at the end of the summer and return for the winter.  I decided to wait until I decide to live here year round.  Meanwhile, if I go to South America , Cuba, the Caribbean or Central America…I just have to get another Visa when I re-enter.   I left the meeting early along with Bill, a volunteer at the library and acquaintance. He has lived everywhere and has a Permanent Residency because he doesn’t care to leave.  His friends are here, the living is good and he is happy.
    He also told me if I needed to see a Doctor, just go to the free clinic across the street.
I  did and she referred me to an ear specialist after discovering that I did in fact have an Ear Bud stuck in my ear.  She didn’t have the proper tools to remove it. I arrived at siesta time and was told that I had to return at 10 pm in the evening when he returned.  I explained my pain and the emergency so they referred me to the hospital emergency just two blocks down the street.  I arrived and was taken to the front desk where they called a doctor to look at me.  He was on his way and I was to wait.  I explained I already saw two doctors and can’t a nurse in the emergency room remove it.  She did for $24 and I was home that afternoon feeling much better.


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