David’s Departure is Depressing as the Days Disappear.

  I paid my rent and explained I was very very happy here but the dog had to go.  I had committed to a year and will honor that but I was leaving this week and when I returned , if the dog problem was not solved, the end of April would be my final day.  I started looking for another place.  A lady offered me a one bedroom house not far from here but I won’t be able to view it until I return.  I really do love this place when the dog isn’t barking.  It is heaven.  Peaceful, private, quiet, fresh air,  and a terrace with a view to go with it. My plans for this place have come to a halt.  The things I was going to return with are no more.  Since I made my report, the dog has been quieter?  Why I don’t know but it is a joy.  I even offered to rent the whole building if I could sublet the downstairs.

     Two of my neighbors moved out and were replaced the same week. One has left their outdoor lights off at night and I can start to see the stars.
     I contacted a CouchSurfer from Tempe, Arizona that said she was visiting Oaxaca and invited her to lunch the day she arrived.  She needed to use a walker because of a spinal injury she suffered when she fell down a flight of stairs in Delhi India after living their three years. We shuffled around the cobblestone streets of Oaxaca until we found a place for lunch and conversation.  Later we found a camera store so she could replace the one she lost on the way here from Tempe.  We got along well and exchanged travel stories.  I did find her attitude toward a young girl selling hand painted book markers and a man selling dressing on a street corner, a bit confrontational.  That was puzzling and I wondered if it had something to do with living three years in India with the caste system, but she also living in Africa for a long time.  She flew the Concord 4 times before it was taken out of service and auctioned on E-Bay.

Try to separate the laundry from the Graffiti Art

     Friday I bid my News Stand Attendant, Hector, goodbye and treated myself to a Giant Shrimp Cocktail for $9 dollars and worth everybit of it.  I asked a lady in the tourist booth for the Oaxacan Cafe.  She directed me to a Hotel near Llano Park and commented they have good Oaxacan cafe. I thought she made an error so repeated my request.  She referred me to another place a bit further away.  I left only to realize after , she thought I was a tourist looking for a cup of Oaxacan coffee when if fact I was looking for the famed chain of about 4 restaurants called “Cafe Oaxaca” that had great food.
       The evening of my last day, I decided to treat myself and looked the restaurant up.  It was called Casa Oaxaca…MY mistake.  I walked by it 10 times and never noticed.  It has a 5 star Diamond rating ?  I was greeted by a very attractive and professional Hostess that asked if I would prefer the roof top.  Of course and I thanked her as she pulled my chair out for me.
I started with a “House” Red wine which was a Mexican Tempor…something.  Not very good so after the waiter prepared my salsa with a Petal and Mortar, I ordered another Mexican Niebro?..something like that.  It was a little better.  He poured both wines at the table and offered a taste first.  My Blue Bean Tortilla Soup was served by a waiter out of a large ceramic Tureen into a bowl with slices of Avocado twisted into Roses and Julienne Crisp Tortillas.  Good but not as good as the Roaring Fork in Scottsdale.  There was a basket of Crisp Blue and Regular Tortillas that went well with the Excellent Salsa. Fresh Sea Bass pan Fried with the Skin on was served with a fresh tomato butter sauce and capers.  Very good…no side dishes and the bill came to $40 with tip….the wine was about $12 of it.  I would go back with a special date.  

Hmmm..Potato Chips with Mustard and Salsa

    Monday was spent checking last minute departure notes.  It was warm at 7:30 pm when I left the house and took the bus to ADO Bus Station where I checked my bag with security so I could walk around Llano Park and pass the time.  10:30 I ate my Happy Pancake, claimed my bag back and 11 pm boarded the bus. 11:15 we were off and I was asleep.  Woke once to visit the bath and returned to sleep until arrival at 5:30 am.  I was in a daze when I caught a taxi to the airport and received sticker shock of $22 dollars.  That was my spending money until departure.
      The 71/2 hours waiting in the airport was a different thing.  I tried sleeping on the marble floor with the rest of the waiting passenger but that was cold and when I opened my eyes a 4 year old was standing over me staring at me.  I did a lot of coffee and walking and getting ready to board shortly…another hour at least. I packed and take the late bus Monday to Mexico City.  I arrive at the airport early Tuesday morning and have to wait until 1 pm for my flight that puts me in Phoenix at 6 pm.  I sleep a little on the bus in and hope I stay awake at the airport. Haste Luego Oaxaca   Golf and Poker look to be boring after this.

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