Festival is close to closing…

      There was a Photo Exhibit by famed Photographer Marcela Taboada.  The subject was the participants in the 1994 Guelaguetza with them wearing the traditional clothing of the 8 different regions of the state.  I attended that and just spent afternoon wandering around the different booths and events .
     A neighbor in Villa Antiqua moved out last week and I think she took Butch, Fi-Fi and Fido with her.  I hope they have a good place to live. They were my friends out here in nowhere land. I found out Butch was put down and Fi-Fi is without a mate and Fido’s dad is now in dogie heaven.
    Today I downloaded some files my Rental Agent sent, had them printed in Oaxaca, then signed and mailed back.  I feel relieved that my condo is rented and will stay in Scottsdale until they arrive to assure them that any issues that arise,  will be taken care of.  I want repeat renters.  It means I miss the Day of the Dead, Christmas and the Radish Festival…but that will be here next year when I can come early and experience it.

     Day by day my presence in Yartareni is being noticed.  MotoTaxi drivers wave.  My laundress knows Senior David and sometimes extends credit if I forget my wallet or don’t have change. The most interesting to me are the ones that speak English fluently.  Most are tour guides, taxi drivers, Moto Taxi drivers, waiters, cooks, ….at least the ones I’ve had an opportunity to meet.  Some were deported though none told me that. Most had jobs or were in College and their Visas ran out or they had to return to help the family.  The Moto Taxi driver gets 5 Pesos for up to 3 passengers …so maybe 15 Pesos a  trip…or $1.10-.20 a trip.
       Oaxaca, “The Eternal Spring”, has the most enjoyable weather of any place I’ve ever stayed , including Hawaii.  I was curious what time the Sun sets in December. It sets at 6 pm…I think the sunrise, sunset the year around, makes it one of the lightest places as the best weather of anywhere I want to be. This is the Stats…with pictures of graphs..http://www.gaisma.com/en/location/oaxaca.html
     I bought some Bears in Oaxaca.  They were small night lights that changed color for my grandchildren’s room.  Both have their own room. When you grow up from 2-3 years old to 16 or so and have your own room, that is a big deal.  I believe they should have a “Glow Light” or something to add magic to your imagination when it’s dark and your all alone in your own room. You can always turn it off.  I did think it Odd that they would pick Bears as a Light but they are popular stuffed animals and cuddly play dolls.  My light was a good size globe light.  I could spin it and imagine visiting those countries, each and everyone.

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