Sunday and the Festival

    Yesterday was focused on planning today and eating “Happy Pancakes”  I needed to get some drinking water before I depart on my planned attack on Oaxaca’s Festival’s today… Sunday. 
      I took my empties down to the local Miscellaneous store to fetch a pail of water…well two 5 gall containers.  I paid my $4 and hailed a MotoTaxi with an elderly gentleman, about my age and my two waters for about 30 yards…well worth it. I talked to the hombre but had no idea what he replied…we smiled a lot.
    When the water was secured I hailed a MotoTaxi for ADO, the bus stop.  I was going to buy a ticket for my departure to Mexico City next month but the Station was packed and lines out the door.  
       I walked to Llano park and said Hello to Hector my newspaper salesmen.  He said that his business was actually hurting as no one wanted to read a magazine.   I think many will buy before leaving to read on the bus , car,or plane home.  
     The park was just opening up.  Beautiful day in Oaxaca.  I was there to do photos and catch the action.  A lot …busy day with activities throughout Oaxaca. 

Fried Bananas

I ate 5 Tacos here.


       Llano park is hosting the Mezcal Festival with over 50 different companies to sample…the rest of the park is full of over 100 crafts booths from all over Mexico…like Cave Creek Art Fest when they come from all over the US.  Then there is the food stalls…and just Pineapple Fru Fru drinks booths ….at least 4 of those…serving you your drink in a Pineapple.

Mexico is about Color

        One food stall attracted my attention for Taco’s, so after touring the Park, I decided to get a lunch there.  I only wanted 2 Tacos but they were selling a platter of five for 40 pesos…OK…I wanted water but the only water they had was 1.5 liter bottles…another 20 pesos…then as I finished there was some 10% charge added on and the bill came to 90 pesos…I was debating if this waiter ever graduated from elementary school but instead gave him 100 pesos with a Gracias.  I had things to do.  


     I headed for my Cafe and Latte to stall time for the Parade and refresh myself.  When I left the Cafe, for a Photo Exhibit, there was the Parade.  It sure wasn’t the biggie I expected but managed some photos and accepted a glass of Mezcal from some promoters with a bottle and plastic cups for all.  I swear it was a third of a water glass.  I never did find the Photo exhibit….another excuse to return Monday.

    It was time for the Mezcal Festival and then home.  I paid my 40 Pesos, got searched by Security (the usual Compton Terrace stuff) . took some photos while accessing the situation…then attacked.  50 booths and 50 tastes later the Guard at the entrance informed me the exit was on the other side of the park.
          I was leaving around 6 pm and figured I could buy something and carry it home now I was departing.  I got a large Black vase and we wrapped it in newspaper and I held it close all the way to ADO to catch the bus….wrong…the MAIN Parade was on the Camino…all one way with NO buses.  Everyone was dancing in the street and each district had a band and a float and Giant Paper Machai  people…passing out Mezcal shots from the bottle in plastic glasses to anyone.

    Then it started to rain….a real rain….I had to walk to McDonalds…VW… to catch a detour bus with my umbrella while embracing the Vase to my chest and still getting soaked…it was water and warm…I didn’t mind but no buses were coming to the stop but a lot of Collective Taxi’s were.  I took one and put down my umbrella in the front seat with my Vase in my lap.   Akee we picked up a family of 6 so the Vase went in the truck and a young man in my lap,and four in the back seat.   We arrived at my stop and I was concerned about the Vase so jumped out and checked it all out when he pulled it from the trunk and took my 10 Pesos.   

       I made it to the MotoTaxi and Karen from Monticello, New York, was my driver.  There has been no rain in Yartareni…which was good since I left my umbrella in the long gone taxi.  Karen’s story I want to hear soon and I think she wants someone that will understand it from having lived in the US for so long.  She is American but Mexican blood and is here to help and care for her Grandmother.  A very exceptional person.  I asked how she was getting along…first personal feeler I have put out since I met her.  She was getting along…not happy but resigned.  I hope to talk to her again in the future when she is not working.  
        My Vase was OK and I was exhilarated after a long and wonderful day.  Time is running short and the closer I get to leaving the more I look forward to returning.   
     I’m anxious to see my Arizona friends….about 4-7 that I can think of.  I miss Adam and Danny, my bartenders, and a few of my Poker buddies and acquaintances in both New River and Talking Stick. 
         Enough…I think I’ll mop the floor tomorrow.  I like living outside of Oaxaca, even though it’s an inconvenience at times, it’s a comfortable resting place.  The problem is that something is going on in Oaxaca everyday…you wonder what you miss if you don’t go.  
          I’m anxious about the future of my condo in Scottsdale.  A lot of my lifestyle depends on how this scenario unfolds.  Do I rent it and cover most of the expenses while saving money and enjoying Oaxaca…or do I keep it without renting and absorb the costs until my savings run out.  The later means I will be stuck in Oaxaca to afford Scottsdale.  Not a bad situation but when the frequent flyer miles run out then I’ll join the illegals and hop a train home or create a new home?

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