Three Weeks and still Not Done Shopping

      A couple I met playing golf in Scottsdale before I left emailed me.   I had showed them my condo after they indicated they may be  interested in renting each season.
          They were a lovely Canadian retirees couple who just e-mailed me wanting to know if my place is for rent Jan,Feb, Mar, and April….I hope my agents sew up this deal.   The rent for four months will pay for my HOA fees for the year and I will still have my condo 8 months a year and can afford to keep this place .
       My address here is   David Taylor c/o “Villarreal Urrutia Maria Teresa” (My landlady),
                      CARR ANT SN AGUSTIN YATARENI
                      KM 1.3 INT
                     FRACC VILLAS LA ANTIGUA
                       SAN FRANCISCO TUTLA, OA
                        C.P. 71228-CR-68108  
       Keep it in case I need you to mail anything…like some chaise lounges,   60 inch HDTV, etc. Soon I should be ready to explore some more Mayan Ruins and travel to other areas for a few days or a week to know my new neighborhood.  I have to wait until I return to the USA to apply for Temporary Residency Permit at the Phoenix Consulate.  Then discounts on bus fare are available.
       I made an appointment with  a Doctor to introduce myself…just in case.  Medicare doesn’t pay if something happens here.  Frequent walking keeps me in good shape.  I don’t get the cramps in my legs at this altitude that I did in Phoenix and I have more energy. One day the highway out to Yatareni was blockaded with buses across both roads in and out so I walked the distance…with diarrhea and made it!

        My Spanish is better but not using it as I should so keep having to learn over and over.  I hope to get a Studio apartment when available in September or maybe not until December then will decide whether I want to be in town or out.

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