Monday…Laundry Day

    I took my clothes to the laundry and for 45 Pesos they will wash , fold , and NOW they deliver to my hotel the next day.  I refused as I want to keep walking.  Returned to my coffee shop for Oatmeal and now on my way to the library to look in to my Residency.  I also sent an inquiry to a real estate agent.
     Boring start but this turned out to be a “David” day…unplanned.  Now days I usually plan a David day once a Month.  It used to be everyday …17 years ago.
         I went to the library to hopefully meet the lawyer that handles residency permits.  Well you have to have a residence first so I now realize what I need is a tourist card that the airline gave me and is in my passport.  I turn it in on departure and go for a tourist card from Consulate in Phoenix when I plan o return…or another from the airlines…included in the ticket price.
       While I was taking down addresses of Real Estate people , they were moving chairs around into a group. They were having a Mexican History lesson so I signed up and paid my $10.  I was comfortable and getting pass out info, homework assignments, etc.  My homework was to find a building and document the history of it.   The lesson was Colonial times from before and during the Conquest by Spain and the occupation.  Our teacher has been coming here for 40 winters and teaching classes at the library for 7.  I could understand her perfectly even sitting in the back.  She gave us a little quiz about Mexico, USA and Canada to make us aware of the similarities and the differences.  A bit about the climate before the Colonization during and now.  How the occupation effected the way of life among the indigenous Vegetarian Indian groups.
          I was really enjoying it when in walked a man who stopped the class and inquired if David Taylor was here. I didn’t hear him but the Teacher said not that she knew and he asked to use the bathroom.  He passed by and I recognized him as Darcy E. , the Canadian Couchsurfer I emailed yesterday in hopes of meeting him. He got my message but I was gone today when he emailed back to confirm he would meet me.  He knew I said I might be a the library so popped in on chance. I yelled to him and after he finished using the restroom we headed for a bar for the beers I promised him.


              He knew where they served free Tapas so after I hit the ATM machine we stopped in and drank about 5 beers apiece with assorted Tapas to include: mild Chicken Wings, Ham and Cheese plate, Saute Pork with Salsa, Mini Tostadas, etc.  He has a conversational knowledge of Spanish and has lived in Honduras, Belize, Guatemala, and moved up to Oaxaca seven years ago to be close to his sister,Pat who has been here for almost 15 years with her husband Don, a good hobby carpenter.  Darcy has two dogs he acquired on arrival and lives South of Oaxaca about 3 miles by bus near his sister.  He has been drugged and mugged once and almost beat to death another time since he arrived.  He has a Mexican that will scout a place for a $50 finder’s fee IF you are happy and rent it. He will look for me so I will have places to look at when I return in June.
     Darcy knows Kay, the lady I’m subletting from as she visits his sister often.  We covered all of each other’s travels and experiences.  He is from Alberta and is bringing his son out in a couple months from British Columbia.  He has driven the trip more than once and has a car here.  He knows the ins and outs with connections I was hoping for.  We took the bus home.  I got off at my stop and will meet him tomorrow at the Zocalo and take the bus to see his place and hopefully meet his sister.
        There are few gringos in his area and his home is private and secure with two bedrooms, not much of a kitchen but large square footage.

     On the way home I stopped at a restaurant I had wanted to try and had a very small dinner.

Colorado Mole Chicken

  I’m full for the night but afraid I would fall asleep at 6 p.m. and wake at 1 a.m. so came over here to my coffee house to have a latte. It was a David day and tomorrow I’ll pick up my laundry and meet Darcy at the Zocalo and visit his home…but NO Brownies.  He said they are killer…I have to return home to move the following day.  Discipline David!!

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