Exploring Historic Mexico City

      I slept late Saturday and awoke at 10 a.m. with sore legs from climbing the Pyramids.  I left for Canada Hotel to check the rooms and make a reservation on my return from Oaxaca rather then stay in the Hostel.  The room was small but had a TV, A/C, private bath and an internet connection. A big plus was a closet and the price…same as I was paying at the Hostel.  Leaving there I headed for the Cathedral at the Zocalo then on to the National Palace.  I took all the photos of Diego Rivera Murals, then many in the Art Museum before heading out to the gardens.  It was a beautiful warm , sunny day and everyone was out enjoying it. The noise level made me think there was a demonstration up ahead.  It turned out to be all the hawkers on both sides of the street yelling their wares, loud speakers with drums and music blaring.  If you add a few sirens, you get the idea.  I wandered to the Temple Major where an Egyptian exhibition was going on along with another of Monsters.  No clue what that was but decided to return next week.
    It was getting warmer so I decided to return to my Hostel and shed some clothes.  There was a Juice bar I couldn’t refuse.  I got an Acapulco, (Papaya, Pineapple, and Orange Juice), to go.  I freshened up and headed for the Palace Belle Arts , bought a photography ticket and toured the most beautiful Art Deco Building in existence.  There were Art exhibitions going on with over three different galleries.  I took a zillion photos but couldn’t gain access to the Theater, the piece de resistance.  I bought a ticket for a 5 p.m. Sunday performance of some Classical Music violinist so I could see the Theater.  I hope to see the ” Glass Curtain designed by Tiffany”.  My guide yesterday told me the Theater was like none other.  I was happy with the building.  I visited the restaurant but estimate lunch would set me back $50 and dinner $100.  That is the same price I would pay at the Hotel part of the Hostel I was staying at except there I would be sitting on benches in an cold outdoor area eating off wooden tables that looked like cable spools.
     I went through the Park to visit another Museum devoted to Diego Rivera but got lost.  Great thing to do in Historic Mexico City.  
      They say the city’s population is 25 million but the truth is the Federal District (City Proper) is 8 million with 17 million surrounded it like a belt.  When you pass through the belt where most of the people live in poverty and work daily in the city, you notice all the home look unfinished.  Bare Concrete with no roofs or re-bar sticking up.  They all have running water, electricity usually stolen from nearby, and cheap satellite TV.  The reason they never paint or finish construction is so they don’t have to pay taxes.  When an official shows up and wants to know why they haven’t paid any taxes in the last 25 years, they simple tell them they haven’t finished the house yet so don’t have to.

Cathedral in Zocalo

First View of Full Moon for Children and some Adults

Need Cash..get in Line…all over Mexico City


Buddy can you spare a Dime, Shoes, Pant, anything?

Museum on Interaction

Organ Grinders everywhere, same Organ, Uniform and annoying same melody….same Company 

Tuna’s… Mid-evil wandering Minstrels

But I love you and have a big house …I have my own Government…please Marry me?

Tweet this Dude!

Nice Post Office

    I was trying to find my way home and ended up in a beautiful old Post Office/Bank.  Then a Museum of Minerals, and an Interactive Museum before connecting to my street, getting a sandwich and Mocha Cafe before arriving at my Hostel.  Tomorrow I will visit the Museum of Archaeology that I have been told is one of the best in the world. Adios

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