Back to Beijing

         I arrived back from North Korea , late the afternoon of the 5th , showered and took a nap.  John returned from work sick so I went out and had dinner and returned with some take out for him. He retired early and so did I.
       I left early, after having some coffee, for the Beijing Hotel.  This time I took the next subway stop and got off at the front door.  It is beautiful.  I took a few pictures and browsed around while buying a Birthday card for my Grandaughter as I won’t be able to get one out until I return and her Birthday would be over.  Thought she would get a kick out of recieving a Beijing Birthday Greeting.

      I took the subway back to the National Museum and spent two hours taking photos and enjoying Chinese history back 2000 years before the birth of Christ in the Shang Dynasty…their Bronze Art Age…and up through to modern day Chinese art as well as an Exhibit from Florence Italy.

        I left, after a coffee and a roll in their Cafe, and took the subway to the last stop for the Antique Flea Market where I then took a TukTuk to the market.  There I took some photos and found a bag to carry on the art work I purchased.  I was so grateful to find exactly what I was looking for that I spent another $40 for some more “Stuff”.  When I went to pay him, he saw my American $20’s and offered to give me a crisp $100 American bill for 5 of them…yeah right.  Counterfeit maybe? I walked back to the subway…ended up at my home stop and walked back to the apartment….


       Now I was feeling the onset of a cold…stuffed up, runny nose, and a sore throat.  John was taking his class to the Great Wall for a hike tomorrow so wanted to go to bed early.  I went out and brought us both some hot soup and dumplings and also retired early.

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