Park Ave Rochester New York and back to Phoenix

          We arrived to Helen’s welcoming dinner.  It gave David, Chris and Helen a chance to catch up since last they saw each other.  When the wonderful meal was finished they all meandered over to the Half Pint for a beer.

           A nice breakfast was shared in the backyard in the morning before taking a stroll in the neighborhood.   David took Chris to see what a Wegmans supermarket was like.  Wegmans originated in Rochester.  David used to shop there in 1963. They bought some Peanut Butter and Cranberry Bread for the road.  That evening David took everyone to his favorite restaurant in the area for Pizza, Wine and Cheese.  It had been a relaxing visit but David was to meet his daughter in Buffalo so left the next morning.
           Jennifer was anxious to show her new house to her Dad.  It was large with lots of room and a small apartment upstairs where Lytisha, her daughter had been staying until they got in a silly row and Lytisha hasn’t talked to her since. David took them out to lunch and after returning home they were to meet two of the Grandchildren and two of the Great Grandchildren. It was still early so they drove to Batavia and checked into a hotel for the night they returned in time to see Alexis and her two children Cordell and Gavin.  She was working two jobs, taking care of the children, trying to get ahead and behind on car payments. Rose, David’s oldest and first Grandchild showed up with her wife Paris and their daughter.  It was a nice visit and good to see the children again.  David bid goodbye and drove to Alexis’s Restaurant in Batavia for Happy Hour.  He hoped Mary Fredrick’s was tending bar but her husband Fred’s children and grandchildren were visiting Attica so she took off to spend time with them.

          Chris and David were tired and ready to return to Phoenix.  They checked out of the hotel the following day, drove to Attica, had breakfast at Twilight Meadows then checked in to the Attician Motel.  It was $100!  That was outrageous in Attica but it was the only place to stay and their was the Annual Rodeo and the Legion’s Lawn Fete.  People came from all around for both.
         David visited both Cemeteries.  One to pay respects to Pat Fitzgerald’s Memorial to the Attican’s that died in Vietnam.  The other to visit his gravestone and David’s future gravestone which is part of both his Father, Bernard and his Mother’s Olive grave site.
              That evening they had the famous Attica Hotel Fish Fry then visited the Lawn Fete hoping to see some old friends.  It was packed but for the first time they hired a band.  No one could converse and all were disgusted.  The reason it is such a popular event was because it was an informal reunion of people that hadn’t seen each other all year or even longer.  So when Fred called me over to the table to meet his visiting family and chat with our friends, I couldn’t hear anything over the din. I saw Audrey, Mom’s hairdresser and friend all her life but left early to get a start on the trip home.
          I left Attica without ever visiting the street I grew up on or seeing a lot of the people I would have liked to see.  It was bitter sweet.  We stopped in Jamestown for lunch and to visit the LucyFest.  Lucille Ball was born in Jamestown and is buried there.  Every year they have a big parade and 4-5 day celebration of her life with guest comedians and  a look alike contest.  David met Desi and Lucy then headed southwest for 4 days with a stop over at Pappy’s BBQ in St Louis , Mo.  He finally arrived in Phoenix and concluded his trip.

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