Sunny Rest ,Aunt Char and Uncle Johnny

            When we left White Tail our first destination was Richmond Virginia and the Fine Arts Museum which David highly recommends.  Richmond was the Confederate Capitol during the Civil War and a very historic city.   The plan had been to spend two or three days in Richmond touring the old homes and seeing the old capitol building.  The Museum was excellent and one of the best David had toured.   The visit only lasted the morning and after lunch they were off for Sunny Rest Naturist resort.
           The ride to the Poke Your Nose Mountains went well and was beautiful in the area coming into Sunny Rest.  It was another world class Naturist Resort and the oldest in the US…dating back to 1938.  People were friendly though the Trivia Team Me & You placed next to last at Happy Hour.
   The trip to David’s cousin Helen and her husband, another David was only a few hours so they stopped in Catskill, where they kill all the Cats and mount them on the Parking meters.  They arrived at the “Farm” (no Longer) and Helen’s sister Barbara, David’s other cousin came over with Arjay her son to visit.  We all went to an outdoor restaurant along the Hudson river for dinner and cocktails.  It was uneventful but nice to catch up.
        They watched a movie “Swing Kids” and retired early.  The next day, David and Chris picked up his 94 year old Aunt and took her to lunch at their favorite place.  The food was tops and though Char had a stroke and was forgetting things, like where she was, it went nice.  She came to the door and waved after David dropped her back into the house.  Later she fell and couldn’t get up.  Barbara, who lives next door, stopped in to check on her then called the ambulance.   No broken bones so they put her in Rehab to help her balance and strengthen her.The plan is to place her in a care facility where she can be monitored and socialize with others. We all think she may live to be 100 easily as she was always fit.

        David took the family out for dinner the next night and despite his wanting to return to where they had lunch, Helen opted for another restaurant David now forgets.  Helen likes to wander over and have a cigarette with her sister who is trying to give up.  The outdoor patios make it comfortable for doing that though the food may not be the greatest nor the cheapest.

                 It rained a bit while we were there so most of the time was spent visiting and catching up on the computer.  Jenny, Helen’s granddaughter whom she spoils, is a dancer/performer that is quite talented and lives in a little apartment downstairs in the same house.  It was a nice visit but time to head North to see Uncle Johnny, David’s Uncle.  That trip was horrendous.  The rain came in sheets for hours.  The Interstate was littered with cars and a semi truck too.  Traffic was down to 30 mph and you were lucky if you could see the car in front of you.  We stopped in Burlington , Vermont for lunch.  The rain did too.  We returned to the road, the rain did too.
                   We arrived around 4-5 pm but no one was home.  I don’t know if I gave the wrong date but we had moved the trip up a day because we were both anxious to get home and knew the return trip would be longer than planned.  We waited at a comfortable little restaurant while enjoying…??? Happy Hour.  When we returned, they were home and welcoming. I hoped to visit Dennis my cousin , restaurateur but  his cook quit before the season was over and he was stuck cooking so we ate at Uncle Johnny’s .   It was  a nice visit and the next day we visited a Farmer’s Market and had breakfast at Aunt Polly’s Pancake House.

  Chris and I went to the Mount Washington Hotel to sit and the veranda and look at the view.   That evening we went the Beale House  in Littleton for dinner.  It was lovely.  One of the oldest B and B’s as well as the building itself, and the food was excellent.  Uncle Johnny tried to get a hold of my other cousin Danny but no reply.  I did call and talk to his son, my cousin Ron in N.Y.
           We headed for Rochester, N. Y. to stay with Helen, one of my friends I met while in Spain.

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