111% in Podgorica Today

David managed to get  out of bed after a late night watching 3 Frontline Documentaries about  International Corporate Bribery….Massive Child Molestation  by the Catholic Decons, and Priests all over remote regions of Alaska, and WikiLeaks disclosures.  Four others documentaries relating to Bin Laden, Afganistan, and the Taliban…were banned in Montenegro.

He surprised himself and the lady in the bathroom when he walked in on her taking a shower.  The restaurant stopped serving Breakfast at 10am so it was coffee and a crossiant before checking out of the Kotor Hostel.  He was weak and needed nourishment but water was more important right now.  Three bottles later he was on his way to the bus station in another 100% hot day.  He stopped on the way to catch his breath , looked down and found 115 Euros on the ground.  Praise Allah! The bus David wanted went by at the same time.  Trade offs.

  He bought his ticket and was told 45 minutes….then 45 minutes later…he was told 45 minutes and had to pay another 1/2 Euro for a new ticket.  The bus broke down.  Allah is getting back to me! Now he boards the Bus and finds it HOT AND NO A/C!  The only place David wants to be at this point was in bed in an Airconditioned room in Tuzi.  He was going to stay at Mike’s house but if he accepts and Mike has no A/C, it will be another rough night.  He will try and check in to his hotel a day early instead.

Surprise!  There is no bus to Tuzi.  I researched this on the internet.  O.K.  I’ll take a taxi as it is supposed to be close by.  What…10 hours to Tuzi, Albania!  I never could find it on a map but Mike said go to Tuzi and then take a Taxi to his house.  Everyone knows him.  I know he said Montenegro but many times mentioned he had property in Albania. I’m confused and so I ask the Taxi to take me to a reasonably priced hotel with A/C and internet.  He did for 3 Euros.  It was the Ideal Hotel and was 30Euros. David was going to check in his hotel in Tuzi a day early so this is fine and the temperature now is over 111%.  His plan was to get on the internet and find Tuzi then call Mike.  He couldn’t get on with the password so came back down and met Vic, one of the relatives who sounded like, looked like, talked like he was from Brooklyn. Turned out he lived not far from there most of his life.  He is Muslim and his father was a chef.  The whole family worked in the restaurant business.   He got me right on the internet and told me he was in Tuzi yesterday.  He pulled it up on Google so I could see it was only 8 miles away.  Why everyone thought I meant Tuzi Albania is beyond me.  Vic said his family is the largest family from Montenegro that lives in the U.S.  I’m not sure what he was referring to by “Family” but he directed me to a Pharmacy and a restaurant down the street that the “Family” also owns.

The streets were deserted at 5pm …not even a passing car.  It was so oppressively hot, I thought I was on another planet or in the Twilight Zone.  I got my Medicine and had a Meatloaf dinner then returned to my room for a shower…cold!

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