Last Night in Hell

David’s plans took an unexpected and unwanted turn of events the last evening in Kotor.  The day was like any other day…Hot Hot Hot.  The high in Kotor beat the High in Phoenix by a few degrees.  Phoenix is in the thralls of it’s Monsoon season and Kotor in on a Bay so both have high  humidity.  Kotor has no or very few Air Conditioners.  David had his morning coffee.  He stopped at the bakery and picked up a spinach pastry and sandwich then had some local cheese and more coffee at the Air Conditioned restaurant he ate at last night.  He ran into the Hostel Manager at the market where he added a Coke, and some orange drink to his bag then proceeded home.  The third floor has a kitchenette and lounge of sorts and minimal Air Conditioning.  He took his magazine to read and sandwich and Coke.  He noticed the meat in the sandwich tasted tainted so after eating half he threw out the rest, finished his Coke and went back up to his room to play with his photographs.  An hour or so passed and he started to feel nauseated, with cramps setting in and the need to spend the rest of the afternoon on the toilet with diarrhea and the dry heaves.  It didn’t help that he was still getting over a cold and the side effects of a cough were disastrous.  He was weakening fast and trying to take liquids as fast as he was expelling them.  Afraid that he may faint in this hot room with no one to notice his dehydrated condition, he returned to the lounge.  There he spent most of the evening on the toilet or asleep on the couch hoping someone would come in to get him some Imodium D and electrolytes. Five hours later he woke feeling better so went back up to his room, took a shower, and thanked God it was mostly over.  The idea of taking a 3 hour bus ride in the morning was scary.  He thought of calling Mike as a last resort to come get him.  It looks OK now even though he needs nourishment, the thought makes him sick.

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