…Late Night Dinner???

David had worked up an appetite exploring Belgrade. He researched the restaurant scene determined to find a good Serbian restaurant to compare to what he had the night before. Thinking that most Serbians don’t go out to eat until around 11pm, 10:30pm seemed an appropriate time to dine. David noticed the resident lodger, who offsets his rent by doing odd jobs to help out, had just mopped all 5 flights of concrete stairs and was mopping the entrance carpet with the mop! David didn’t say anything because he spoke no English anyway. He caught the Tram but got off a stop too late and had to back track to get there. It was a pleasant evening and still crowded for a Monday night. He noticed a few places were closing up and sure enough by the time he arrived at 11:30 the VANU and all surrounding restaurants had there kitchens closed. He bought a ” Serbian” sandwich at a fast food joint on the way home to snack at midnight. So much for treating himself.

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