Beograd in Serbia…Balkan Baptism

JAT air served a sandwich snack with a Chocolate covered Prune as dessert.
David thought that an odd dessert until he realized Plum Brandy is one of the National Drinks and Prunes are dried Plums
. David slept the rest of the flight.

He ATM’d 20,000 dinars then for 250 dinars ($3) he took a Bus. He was told to get off at the Last main bus station stop. A taxi would have been about $75. Everyone was exiting the bus so David asked the driver …is this the Last stop? He said this is the Bus Station Lasta. It was the NAME of the bus station not the Last Stop…but he didn’t understand English and I realized that this was the correct exit.
It was a short walk to Mr Walker’s Hostel. David buzzed the Manager and he cheerfully encouraged me to come on up. Fifteen minutes later he found David on the fourth floor huffing and puffing. Oh I would have carried that for you. How about just carrying me!
The manager said David would have to wait about 30 minutes as the last couple was just checking out and he needed to tidy the room. A middle aged couple came down, thanked him, dropped the key and left. He tided up the room then gave David the key. David realized that the couple never had any luggage and a notice advertised that rooms could be rented after 10 am for a short time to “freshen up” or get laid!
Dinner with the tourists in the Bohemian Section of Belgrade

David paid the current 3 nights for $60 then took off to the Bohemian section of Belgrade. Belgrade is on top of the Mountain…1000 steps up…turn left….1000 steps up…turn right….1000 steps up…whew. David managed to make it to the Bohemian section for a nice dinner of Meat and Cheese with Silovice Brandy and Wine. He retired late that night then awoke around 8 am all ready to go. He took a shower then his Meds and an hour later fell asleep again while checking his email. He awoke again at 2:30 pm!

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