Today I opted out of the morning excursion to a Battlefield where the Jacobites were defeated and the war was over.  I paid for the internet and was going to stay in my freezing room and use it. Well the lighting speed they promised only allowed me to upload 4 photos in two hours…now our group was returning and my efforts had been wasted.  I complained at the front desk and they suggested I use the lobby to do my work. I returned to my computer with one hour before we left to a Village Culloden to visit a 1504 Priory ruin.  I now had lighting speed so managed to upload about 50 photos before I left.
          We had a nice afternoon at the Priory while others went to a Distillery. 

        There was a wonderful Clothing store that featured the finest Scottish woolens that begged us to enter.

      We picked up the Distillery group then visited Clootie Well.  This is a Magic Well with healing powers.  When people visit they bring an article of clothing that is nearest the illness they wish to heal.  A hat if they have a brain tumor, a bra if they have breast cancer…etc.


       When we returned I still had some time before dinner and before my paid Internet expired so just as I was sitting down to work…the fire alarm went off and everyone evacuated the building while the fire department was called.  We were all waiting for them to show up and give us clearance to return when David suggested we have our free drink at Johnny Foxes across the street again. 

So we did and I returned early to have dinner next to the hotel then go to back to the internet some more.  The restaurant was full and no reservations were available….I went down to another that some of the group was eating at but they made reservations and without them…they were full. I returned to the expensive restaurant we ate at last night but there wasn’t anything on the menu that I wanted at those prices so went to a chain Italian restaurant that I ate at in another town a few days ago and they were full.  Now it’s starting to rain so I noticed a Pub and ran in there ordered a pint of Guinness a Tuna sandwich and a bowl of Lentil soup. 

 8 English pounds for a real meal and it was good.  I discovered they were having a live Scottish Band playing at 9:30 so decided to return in the pouring rain and see what it was about.  I did and the place was packed the music was great and I wanted to close the place but left to get some sleep.

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